Meghan Markle Kicked Out of WME After Failed Emmy Documentary PR Campaign

WME, in a fit of anger, decided to kick Meghan Markle out of the company despite investing millions in a PR campaign for her documentary. Unfortunately, their efforts fell through, as the documentary failed to earn an Emmy Award nomination.

One might wonder why WME signed Meghan but not Harry. Perhaps they saw it as a challenge to rehabilitate her public image, or they mistakenly believed she still had cachet as an adjacent royal figure.

However, it is laughable to consider her acting skills, as they are widely considered inferior. WME couldn’t even get any endorsements for her, and their inability to negotiate an Emmy nomination speaks volumes.

While other celebrities might miss out on nominations due to a competitive field, the Sussexes’ lack of nominations reflects their tarnished reputation, even within WME. It’s clear the couple are widely hated in Hollywood, making their attempts at rebranding futile. They seem to have reached an impasse.

Despite attracting millions of viewers for their Netflix documentary series, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were disappointed as they were left out of the Emmy nominations list. The series looked into their relationship and included serious accusations against the royal family, including Prince William and King George III. In its first week, the show managed to attract an average of 4.8 million viewers, surpassing notable shows like “Stranger Things” and even “The Crown.”

Critics like Schofield have slammed Meghan’s Netflix series, describing it as a one-sided production full of contradictions, leaving a lot to be desired. This Emmy snub is just one of a string of rejections the couple has faced in Hollywood. Despite Meghan’s acting background, her influence and power seem to have diminished while working alongside Harry.

Their $25million Spotify deal was cut short and Meghan’s podcast Archetypes only lasted 12 episodes. An Archewell insider revealed to the Wall Street Journal that Harry and Meghan seemed surprised at the amount of work it takes to complete entertainment projects, which led to a lack of direction for the podcast.

When the Primetime Emmy nominations were announced, Harry and Meghan’s documentary series was notably absent from the list, leaving them unhappy with the news. According to royal expert Ingrid Seward, the couple may not show their displeasure outwardly.

The Netflix series aired just three months after the Queen passed away in December 2022 and marked the first project under their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. Speculation about their next documentary revolves around Harry’s charity work for the military, the Invictus Games or a project featuring Harry’s return to Africa.

Throughout the series, Harry and Meghan present the royal family as adversaries while positioning themselves as saviors of the world. Their jabs at the Royal Family include Harry insinuating that his family despised his decision to marry Meghan because she was an American actress, and Harry claiming to have been raised by a second family in Africa following the death of his mother, Diana.

Viewers appeared to revel in the attacks on the royal family, as the series broke a Netflix record for biggest documentary debut, racking up a total of 81.6 million hours watched in its first four days of release. However, despite these ratings figures, the series did not receive an Emmy Award nomination.

This Emmy snub adds to the growing list of setbacks for Harry and Meghan following their recent departure from Spotify. The couple would constantly feel unlucky due to their series of unfortunate events. However, they picked up a win when their series was nominated for the Hollywood Critics Awards in the Best Streaming Nonfiction Category.

Despite any frustrations they might feel about missing out on Emmy nominations, Meghan and Harry will likely focus on the positive recognition they’ve received from the Hollywood Critics Awards.

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