Meghan Markle in tears over modernized ‘Deal or No Deal’ show

Meghan Markle’s revelations about her time on the game show ‘Deal or No Deal’ have prompted producers to revamp the show’s format.

The Duchess of Sussex has openly discussed her experience working on the program and revealed that she felt objectified and reduced to a mere “bimbo” by the show’s crew and organizers.

During an episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan, who is now a mother of two, expressed her displeasure, saying: “I owned so much more than the superficial image projected on stage. I didn’t like it being pushes me to focus only on appearance rather than substance.”

In response to Meghan’s candid remarks, Lucas Green, the show’s boss and chief content officer at Banijay, acknowledged the need for change.

He pointed to the continued evolution of the show’s format, ensuring that it does not remain stagnant as it was over 15 years ago. Green explained that considerable effort is invested in modernizing their formats to reflect the values ​​of their company and society as a whole.

As an example, he mentioned that the UK version of the show will now feature audience members from a variety of backgrounds as box openers, instead of relying solely on models.

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