Meghan Markle Furious as Lady C Exposes Markus Anderson’s Leaked Secrets to Scobie

Omid Scobie’s attempts to captivate readers with his revelations appear to have failed, as he received rather poor reviews from those who were among the first to read his work. Scobie has been criticized for his sympathy towards Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with previous associations suggesting he was close to them and serving as an unofficial spokesperson. These allegations are something the Sussexes and Scobie have reportedly tried to distance themselves from.

Scobie’s remarks were not received positively, even by typically sympathetic sources, including the New York Times, which described a chapter of “Endgame” as resembling a press release written by Chat GPT in its unfavorable review . The publication’s author, AW Cof, suggested the work did not differ much from Prince Harry’s recent memoir, in which he criticized the Royals on various issues, including their treatment of his wife, Meghan Markle. Cof further warned that readers anticipating shocking new revelations would be disappointed, as much of the content had already been heard before from various sources, including Fergie, Diana, Charles and Harry himself.

While part of the book is dedicated to setting the record straight regarding the Sussexes’ fallout with the royal family, Trover admitted that other members of the family have not received the same positive treatment as Harry and Meghan . Despite Scobie’s apparent efforts to present them in a positive light, this doesn’t seem to do them any favors.

Reports from Lady C suggest that Marcus Anderson is the source of the content for “Endgame.” Apparently, Meghan would confide in Marcus, who would then share the details with Scobie. Anderson’s connection to Scobie has long been known, and many suspected that this was the channel through which information passed from the beginning.

Meanwhile, royal commentator Jenny Bond has cast doubt on Scobie’s claims that sources close to Buckingham Palace, Prince William and Princess Kate provided him with information for the book. Bond expressed skepticism about the accuracy of the claims, citing the lack of new facts and pointing out the predominance of opinions, allegations and negativity in the book.

Regarding the naming of King Charles in the Dutch translation of Scobie’s book, which allegedly contains shocking racist comments about Archie, Scobie cited British law as preventing him from revealing the names of royal family members mentioned in the private letters from Meghan to King Charles. However, a page from a review copy of the book sent to Dutch journalists appeared to contain the identity of the royal involved in the alleged remark. This addition raised questions about how the translation could have accidentally revealed the name if it was not present in the original English version. ITV’s Chris Ship expressed puzzlement over this aspect, particularly given Prince Harry’s previous statement that he had never claimed a member of the royal family was racist.

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