Meghan Markle Fumes as Victoria & David Beckham Transform into UK Royals

Meghan Markle couldn’t contain her frustration when Victoria and David Beckham seemingly turned into British Royals, while the Sussexes found themselves ousted. The stage was set when the Beckhams were compared to Prince Harry and Meghan by none other than Bethenny Franco, the American star renowned for her unfiltered opinions. According to Bethenny, after watching David Beckham’s Netflix documentary, she observed a transformation in Victoria Beckham that she had never witnessed before. In her own words, during her time as a podcast host, Bethenny spills the tea, revealing that Victoria’s journey from being a Spice Girl to a more reserved character has been quite intriguing. Victoria, once known for her outgoing nature and affection for the limelight, began to withdraw as her husband’s star power grew. In Bethenny’s eyes, Victoria was starting to look like royalty.

And this is where it gets intriguing. Bethenny draws parallels between the enigmatic aura that once surrounded Meghan and Harry before they left royal duties and the Beckhams’ new Kardashian-style transformation. Bethenny points out that the release of the Beckham documentary provided unprecedented insight into the couple, exposing them like never before. She says the Victoria who laughed and danced with her husband has now become an open book, with every detail from her father’s choice of transportation to her middle-class aspirations, despite her considerable wealth. It seems the Beckham family has aired their dirty laundry, as Bethenny says.

But wait, the drama doesn’t end there. Bethenny is quick to mention Beckham’s past affair, indicating that we now know more than ever. The four-part series about Beckham appears to have delved into the couple’s ups and downs over nearly three decades in the public eye, including their marriage. However, in the midst of this media frenzy, Meghan was reportedly caught in a fit of jealousy.

Comparisons between the Beckhams and the Sussexes appear to have sparked an explosive clash, resembling a battle of egos on social media. In short, the royal drama shows that the new players, the Beckhams, alongside Meghan and Harry, who are always hungry for attention, may need to take a step back, as it seems that the Beckhams are stealing the spotlight.


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