Meghan Markle Fumes as Thompson Demands Proof of Kids for Christmas Invite: ‘You Don’t Have Kids!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who did not receive invitations to the king’s 75th birthday celebrations in London, are now embroiled in a dispute over their Christmas plans. According to insiders, Prince Harry is eager to celebrate Christmas in the UK, while Meghan Markle has little interest in returning, citing a specific condition. She also worries about the possibility of facing a hostile reception.

As the countdown to Christmas begins, the royal family looks forward to their gathering at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk. However, there are no plans for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join the family this year. Although they haven’t been officially invited, Prince Harry reportedly wants to reunite with his family over the festive period, a sentiment Meghan doesn’t share, creating a potential Christmas crisis for the couple.

Although they have not visited Sandringham since 2018, previous invitations had been extended to them on other occasions. However, recent tension stemming from their Netflix film and Harry’s memoir has led to fewer invitations to family events. Prince Harry was not invited to the king’s recent 75th birthday celebrations in London, and his representative noted that he would not be able to reunite with his family until he resolved the dispute with his brother, the Prince William, and his father, King Charles.

Nonetheless, Prince Harry remains eager to be in the UK with his family and close friends. He has fond memories of Christmases with a large family and misses the festive togetherness he experienced throughout his life until he moved to America. Conflicting Christmas plans have caused some tension, with Prince Harry frustrated at being away from his family during important milestones.

Relationship expert Luela Alderson said it wouldn’t be surprising if the couple’s Christmas arrangements added strain to their relationship. Prince Harry has extended several olive branches to Charles and William without receiving a response, and he is upset that there has been no contact since the coronation. He is disappointed that his family ignores him.

However, Major Thompson, the king’s heir, was tasked with delivering a message to Prince Harry. The message stated that unless their children accompanied them, they would not be welcome at the Christmas gathering. This condition apparently did not suit Prince Harry, who considered it unworthy for a person of lower status to dictate his actions. Basically, the message was clear: come with the children or don’t come at all. The requirement was a DNA check if the children were present, which may explain Meghan’s reluctance, as no parent would allow their children to go on an international modeling trip with strangers.

If such a job existed, it would be limited to a single modeling session in the presence of the parents, even if they hired other models as business and had a parent as a nanny. This arrangement would still ensure the children’s safety and their connection to their real parents. As time goes by, it seems that children’s existence is neglected.

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