Meghan Markle Faces Fierce Backlash in Canada for Prioritizing Invictus Games Over Archie & Lilibet

The Invictus Games, an event meant to honor and celebrate the courage of wounded veterans, became a stage for Meghan’s theater. She has been denied the spotlight she so desperately craves, and rightly so.

Meghan Markle – a name that often provokes strong reactions around the world. Some see her as a victim, while others see her as a manipulative mastermind. The recent Invictus Games debacle has added fuel to this fire. It seems that Canadians, who once seemed with open arms, have decided to slam the door on Meghan and Harry.

Why do you ask? Well, it looks like Meghan and Harry’s record with Canada isn’t exactly spotless. They would not have expressed their gratitude to the Canadian taxpayers who funded their security while they were in the country. Today, Canadians have drawn a line in the sand, once again refusing to fund their security. And who can blame them? If you’re using a country as just a backdrop, shouldn’t you at least show some appreciation?

But the controversy does not end there. Meghan appears to have intended to use her children as a way to get back into the spotlight. She intended to bring Archie and Lily to the Invictus Games, thereby touching the hearts of the audience. However, many skeptics, including our viewers, question the authenticity of these claims. After all, where are these invisible children we keep hearing about?

And then there’s Harry, caught in the middle of this storm. Reports suggest he is frustrated and torn between his former life in the UK and his current existence with Meghan. It appears her social life has taken a hit and her desire to reconnect with the past has collided with Meghan’s aspirations for the future. It is a story of conflicting desires and ambitions.

Megan, on the other hand, seems to be playing a completely different game. She seems focused on her individual activities, leaving Harry aside. Whether it’s reviving her social media presence or considering a political career, Meghan appears ready to move forward solo, leaving the shadow of her royal ties behind.

And let’s not forget the climate change controversy. The same couple who campaign to minimize carbon footprint and reduce environmental impact would take private flights and indulge in a lifestyle that contradicts their own sermons. It’s a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

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