Meghan Markle Excluded from Smart Works Gala Amidst Booing Controversy

Meghan recently shared her heartfelt message with the British charity she is proud to sponsor, to mark its 10th anniversary. Smart Works, an organization dedicated to helping unemployed women facing difficult circumstances, received Meghan Markle’s expressions of gratitude through an official statement shared on the association’s Instagram page. Her appointment as a patron of Smart Works dates back to January 2019, when she and Prince Harry were still living in the UK.

Smart Works presents itself as a beacon of support, offering interview training and clothing to empower women seeking employment opportunities and a fresh start in their careers. This charity has made a significant impact, positively transforming the lives of countless women across the UK. With a dedicated team of 300 trained volunteers operating from two London offices and additional centers in Edinburgh, Manchester, Reading, Birmingham and Newcastle, Smart Works has expanded its reach.

Meghan’s statement extended warm congratulations to the entire Smart Works community on its remarkable decade-long journey of transforming lives. She emphasized that Smart Works provides more than just outfits; it extends a hand of care, inspiration and empowerment. Meghan shared her personal experiences and mentioned the unforgettable smiles that light up women’s faces when they experience Smart Works, which puts them on a path they might never have imagined.

Meghan praised Smart Works for investing in the future of women and, by extension, the world. She expressed her deep gratitude to all those who make this vital work possible every day. Although she now resides on the other side of the Atlantic, she celebrated Smart Works’ achievements and wished them another decade of success.

Regarding Meghan’s recent contributions to Smart Works, she first visited the organization on January 10, 2019, on her last day as a royal on March 31, 2020. In 2021, the Archewell Foundation, founded by Meghan and Prince Harry, has raised questions as she apparently made no donations to Smart Works. The lack of financial support from the patron raised eyebrows.

However, Meghan’s commitment to the charity is reflected in her past efforts. In 2019, she launched a limited edition clothing range in aid of Smart Works, including items like a £19.50 dress from Marks and Spencers, a £109 John Lewis tote bag, a £120 shirt £ from her designer friend Misha Nonoo and a £199 tote bag. jacket and trousers for £120, both from Jigsaw. In 2022, Meghan announced a new partnership with accessories brand Kiana, which generously donated 500 tote bags to the association.

Yet it is worth noting that a recent anonymous claim suggests that Meghan declined multiple invitations to attend Smart Works gala events in person, citing her reluctance to travel to the UK and face scrutiny and potential negative reactions from the public. This raised questions about his level of commitment as a patron.

The situation is sparking interesting discussions about Meghan’s role as patron and her relationship with the UK. Some believe his recent efforts to engage with the British media could be a strategic move aimed at regaining favor or relevance in the eyes of the United Kingdom or the British royal family. It remains to be seen how its association with Smart Works and its involvement in charitable activities in the UK will develop in the future.

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