Meghan Markle Caught Calling Backgrid, Wearing Mic During A Hike Without Prince Harry

Meghan Markle was again seen hiking without her husband Prince Harry near their $14million Montecito mansion near Backgrid, hours after missing King Charles’ coronation. She was joined on the outdoor outing by her friends Mark Sanderson and Heather Durack in California on Sunday.

Meghan was dressed in an all-black athletic ensemble, as well as a khaki jacket which she tied around her waist during the outdoor excursion. She also wore a beige wide-brimmed hat, a pink scarf and large hiking sunglasses.

It was the first time she had been seen in public since her stepfather’s coronation on Saturday, which was expected as she was staying in the US to celebrate her son Archie’s low-key birthday at their Montecito home.

Harry, who rushed to California yesterday, did not appear to attend the hike. Of course, Meghan called Backgrid, which she has in her back pocket for money for photos. They don’t try to hide it anymore. These don’t look like paparazzi photos; it looks like a full photo shoot. Images are clear, lacking grain or blur, and the subjects of the photos are so close in some of them.

There are several spots along the hike where photos are taken by someone in front, not sneaking behind. Almost as if there is a mutual desire for guaranteed good photos. It must be inconvenient when you crave reps at WME. What does it say about your agency when one of your new global iconic clients stoops so low that he posts tacky Backgrid hiking photos because she can’t stand not being photographed in the Coronation cover?

And again, where are the children? How could she leave Archie the day after his fourth birthday? What kind of mother does that? There was such a push to make it seem like Meghan and Harry were so family oriented, and here she is out for a walk with pals and no kids. Some Royal fans started guessing if she was wearing a microphone during the shoot because of a small rectangular mark at the waist of her t-shirt.

Meghan has known Marcus and Heather for several years now. Marcus holds a senior position at the Soho House Private Members Club and has known Meghan since she was based in Toronto. Heather has been Meghan’s Pilates and yoga instructor for several years, and the couple featured frequently on Meghan’s social media before she deleted their accounts.

It is said that Marcus started his time at Soho House as a waiter when he was around 18 years old. Had he been born in 1978, he would have worked for the organization in 1996. The first Soho House opened in London in 1995, according to the official website. This fits with speculation that Anderson moved to London and started working in the first Soho House.

Over the years, Marcus has risen through the ranks and is now the Director of Memberships, as noted in Toronto Soho House’s 10th anniversary post on the official website.

When exactly Meghan met him is unclear, though there’s another question: Marcus doesn’t seem to have a formal education, so how did he get into such an exclusive circle of people? Mastering his work with Soho House allowed him to network with famous personalities.

Anderson has met actors, singers, socialites and fashion designers, many of whom are linked in one way or another to the British royal family. Marcus’ contacts helped Meghan climb the social ladder and eventually join Prince Harry.

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