Meghan Markle Blacklisted, No Chance to Join Real Housewives as a Z-Lister

You may have heard of this royal power couple who seem to be constantly in the spotlight. Harry Markle and Meghan Markle love characters from a never-ending soap opera. The latest rumors indicate that Meghan has been kicked off Andy Cohen’s show, meaning she won’t be able to join the Real Housewives series as a Z-lister. Andy Cohen is the mogul behind Bravo’s reality TV empire. The horror, oh!

Now picture this: Excitement is in the air at BravoCon 2023, and Andy Cohen, the mastermind behind all those Real Housewives franchises, is dreaming of adding new things to his already huge business. However, he dropped Meghan Markle like a hot potato when she was asked about joining. Why do you ask? Well, it seems even Cohen, the man who can turn almost anyone into a reality TV star, had reservations.

Now let’s break it down. Meghan, the former actress best known for her role in “Suits,” appears to have limited options. It’s not like she’s inundated with offers from major cosmetics companies or the fashion world. So, what’s left for the Duchess? Apparently a photo from reality TV shows. But here’s the problem: Meghan doesn’t have enough money to buy her ticket. Imagine that! The woman who once lived in luxury, married royalty and claimed to be a fashion icon can’t even afford a spot on a reality TV show. It’s almost comical.

Cohen, being the savvy businessman that he is, has a dream roster of stars for his series Housewife, including names like Vanessa Bryant, Chrissy Teigen, Julia Fox and others. But Meghan? She is nowhere to be found.

Let’s go back for a moment. Meghan invited Andy Cohen on a podcast where he introduced himself to her, blissfully unaware that they had met before. It’s almost laughable, like she thinks she can talk her way into the show. Sorry, Meghan, but Andy meets thousands of people and he won’t remember every encounter.

So, Meghan finds herself in trouble, too broke to fight her way to TV fame. It’s a sad story of a woman who thought she could take on the world but ended up becoming the punchline.

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