Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Blacklisted!

Next month, the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is expected to reunite with his cousins, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, in London. The reunion was highlighted by royal expert Tessa Dunlop as Prince Harry prepares for his next visit to the UK. Dunlop suggests that this meeting serves as a reminder that not everything goes smoothly between some members of the Windsor family.

According to a report from GB News, Prince Harry may have to ask King Charles for permission to stay at one of the Royal Family’s residences during his visit. Indeed, Prince Harry and Meghan no longer have a base in Britain after being kicked out of Frogmore Cottage earlier this year. Despite their change in living situation, the source points out that Prince Harry and Meghan remain close friends and maintain constant communication.

However, a source close to Princess Beatrice claims she has refused to meet Harry in London next month. This decision is said to stem from the cessation of contact with Harry before the coronation of King Charles.

The source suggests Beatrice’s partner Eduardo influenced her decision, guiding her to a better life without the Sussexes. Additionally, Meghan’s role in this dynamic is brought to light, with claims that she used Harry’s closeness to the York girls to gather information about the Royal Family, potentially for later use.

Prince Harry’s relationship with the cousins ​​cooled when Eugenie and Beatrice felt taken advantage of by Meghan and Harry’s connection after getting a Netflix series. The account also mentions their interactions during the coronation, with Beatrice not wanting to speak to Harry and Eugenie seeming upset at Harry’s excessive belly gesture.

Rumor has it that the late Queen asked Eugenie to maintain a close relationship with Harry to keep the door open, but Eugenie dropped that idea after attending Catherine’s Christmas pageant while Piers Morgan was visiting LA for business and did not meet the Sussexes.

Eugenie and Beatrice seem closer to William and Camilla, even on vacation together. The article calls this more speculation than fact, given their close friendship with Harry. Surprisingly, neither Eugenie nor Beatrice supported Harry’s demands nor offered their home during his visits to the UK.

The article highlights concerns over Meghan’s influence on Harry and his relationships within the Royal Family. The source points out that Meghan’s approach of forcing Harry to choose between her and her family is not normal behavior. The current rift between Harry and the rest of the royal family has been described as stressful for Eugenie and Beatrice, who can see both sides of the situation.

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