Meghan Ate Dirt As Prince Harry Calls Meghan ‘Absolutely Diabolical’ As Exploit Dead Mother To Full Control Of Him

If anyone converses with Megan, it’s not Diana, Princess Diana, who happens to be the mother of Markle’s 38-year-old husband Prince Harry. Princess Diana tragically died on August 31, 1997, following a high-speed car crash in Paris.

Harry confided in a friend, expressing his belief that Diana is communicating with Megan from beyond the grave. He assured the friend that this information came directly from Prince Harry himself.

According to Harry, Megan is in contact with Diana, who reassures him that their actions are right and receives her unwavering support in all their endeavours.

According to a source close to Markle, an employee of the Carlisle Rosewood Hotel, Diana’s favorite establishment, an intriguing incident occurred during Harry and Megan’s stay. Meghan had invited a spirit medium as a guest. The medium was meant to establish a connection with Harry and his wife.

The source revealed that Harry and Megan were present in the living room, with Harry looking lost and puzzled. Shortly after, Megan burst into tears, claiming to sense Princess Diana’s presence.

She touched the walls, closed her eyes and exclaimed, “Oh my God, I can feel it, I can feel it, baby.” Megan even mentioned feeling Diana’s hand on her shoulder and feeling her presence all over the room during the sunset. To enhance the experience, Megan brought in her stylist friend Jessica.

Meanwhile, Megan and Jessica indulged in laughter and mirth as Megan expressed amusement at the jealousy and distress others felt towards her. However, the waiter, Jules, had an attitude and was rude when responding to his specific drink requests at short notice.

This incident allegedly happened when Harry and Megan traveled to New York in 2021. If this account is accurate, it highlights Harry’s vulnerability to Megan’s manipulative and sociopathic tendencies.

All of this information is consistent with rumors circulating about Megan’s alleged contact with Diana’s grave and the inclusion of a hair sample found on the bedside table. It appears that Megan is using these incidents as a way to exert control over Harry.

We have received direct statements from Harry himself regarding the involvement of psychics and Megan’s behavior at Diana’s grave. Megan claims to sense Diana’s presence, suggesting that the two individuals exhibit irrational and unhealthy behavior. It’s sad to witness their actions, and one can’t help but sympathize with Harry’s father and brother.

As for Megan Markle’s connection to Princess Diana, it should be noted that she never had the opportunity to meet the late princess. However, it was revealed that Megan had visited Diana’s grave, as mentioned in Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir. On the 20th anniversary of Diana’s death, Megan paid respects at the grave.

Although she never knew Diana personally, Megan lay prostrate and offered a prayer during her visit. However, this represents the extent of their interaction. Additionally, a royal biographer claimed that Diana wouldn’t have endorsed Megan because of her support for the monarchy.

According to the biographer, Diana was a strong supporter of the monarchy and emphasized the importance of maintaining tradition, good manners and active participation within the family.

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