Meet Lauren Robertson from Much Nothing, Friend and Family

The beautiful actress Lauren Robertson is a familiar face in the short film Much Nothing. Movie buffs are interested in learning about Lauren Robertson’s boyfriend, dating and family news.

Lauren Robertson has appeared in small roles in numerous films and television series since 2009, including Cyrus, Running Buddies, Start, Mad Cows, The Girl & the Ghost, Paula & Jeff, Modern Family and Alot of Nothing.

Some internet sources suggest that the beautiful actress Lauren Robertson net worth It is between $1 million and $5 million. But it is not easy to confirm the source as she kept quiet about her wealth.

Regardless of, Robertson could easily keep up with her expenses with her income as an actress.

Robertson is active on Instagram, crossing only a thousand followers (about 1,872) on the platform as of this writing. She is not big on social media.

Also, her latest project includes the comedy thriller Much Nothing. Robertson landed a sidekick to Janelle in the 2022 film directed by Mo McCrae and written by Sarah Kelly Kaplan.

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Meet Lauren Robertson from Much Nothing

Lauren Robertson is a film and television actress known for her small roles in 2009’s Modern Family, 2016’s Baskets, 2022’s Alot From Nothing, and 2018’s Sorry for Your Loss.

Actress Lauren Robertson. (source: IMDb)

Today we will only talk about her role in the short film “Much of Nothing” from 2022. Robertson rose to fame for her role as Janelle in the 2022 feature film Much of Nothing.

Mo McCrae directed the film; Both McRae and Sarah Kelly Kaplan are the writers.

Speaking of other casts, Lauren has worked alongside big-name celebrities including Cleopatra Coleman (as Vanessa), Sheila Carrasco (as Olivia), Justin Hartley (as Brian), Nanrisa Lee (as Linda), and many more.

The 2022 short film is a rollercoaster of comedy, drama and thriller. Much Nothing is highly rated, with 7.2 stars / 10 out of 10 IMDb.

Initially, Robertson started out in small roles in low-budget films, looking for opportunities.

She appeared in a small role as Jillian in the hit TV series Modern Family. Furthermore, Robertson only appeared in a single episode.

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Lauren Robertson’s family and boyfriend

Much to Nothing star Lauren Robertson is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Vin and Sio. Yes, she is dating Vin and Sio.

Lauren Robertson the friend and family
Lauren Robertson’s friend and family. (Source: IMDb)

More than just dating, Robertson and her beau are now married. Recently, she shared her wedding pictures on her Instagram handle. The two declared their love for each other publicly through her IG.

Her wedding venue was at La Bastide de Marie.

The actress’ Instagram shows that they are enjoying their newly married life with each other. She says:

He (meaning her boyfriend, now her husband) proposed to me with live violin music. It was so romantic. I will never forget the day.

Only time will tell if Lauren could reach a deep and meaningful relationship with her new partner. Her fans wish that their relationship will age like a fine wine and start a happy family going forward.

Movie star Robertson has Mostly kept her family background to herself. In any case, her family is proud to see her achieve success in the coming days.

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