Markus & Meg’s Plot to Hide Fake Archie & Lily by Leaving Kids Section Blank in Divorce Papers

Marcus Anderson and Meghan Markle’s alleged plot to hide the truth about Archie and Lily has come to light as it appears they devised a dark scheme to cover up the fact that the children are not biologically related to Prince Harry.

Marcus, considered Meghan’s confidant, played a central role in her transition from her ex-boyfriend, Cory Vitiello, to her husband, Prince Harry. It is said that Meg and Marcus manipulated the situation for their own gain, only to reject Harry once they achieved their goals.

Speculation suggests that the two children could in fact be the offspring of Meghan and Marcus, and this hypothesis is supported by the smug expression on Marcus’ face in every photo with Meghan.

Their relationship has grown stronger since Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family as senior royals, providing plenty of opportunities for Meghan and Marcus to be together, especially when Harry is away. Instances of Marcus and Meghan being seen together have been observed, even coinciding with Harry’s absence from important events.

Megan seems to have complete control over all aspects, including the children. Even if Harry were to have a DNA test performed on both children, there are fears that Megan may have the wherewithal to manipulate the results. Harry finds himself in a difficult position as he navigates divorce proceedings from Meghan.

Escaping Megan’s clutches may not be an easy task, and rumors of their strained relationship further complicate matters. Reports have emerged that Meghan is seeking a substantial $80million financial settlement and sole custody of Archie.

These demands emerged amid the couple’s deteriorating relationship. It is ironic to fight for custody of children who are not biologically related.

Harry’s potential trip to Africa, following in his mother’s footsteps, raises concerns for the well-being of his children if they are left without a father for an extended period. Meanwhile, Africans might not want the red-haired prince back as he has abandoned his royal duties and blamed the institution that once compelled him to do charity work.

Harry’s once-perfect life appears to have been shattered under Meghan’s influence. In contrast, William was spotted spending some quality time with his son George, demonstrating the joys of fatherhood.

The striking resemblance between the father and son duo was evident as they struck up a conversation and shared similar facial expressions. While William and George bonded on this outing, Harry’s absence raises questions about his involvement in his son’s life.

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