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Famous for his role in Run On, Unlocked, and Misaeng: Life Incomplete, fans are looking for Si-Wan Yim Girlfriend and his relationship with Shin Se Kyung.

Affluent South Korean actor Si-Wan Yim is known for putting a new twist on the villain character in the Netflix original Unlocked.

In the movie, Yim Si-wan threatens Chun Woo-hee, who loses her phone containing personal information.

Si-Wan Yim played Chun Woo-Hee’s on-screen partner (Na-Mi) in the 2023 Netflix film Unlocked.

Si-Wan admits he took a different approach when portraying a villain in the new movie “Unlocked,” focusing on the artist’s childlike nature instead of being a ruthless killer.

Kim Tae-joon’s debut film, Unlocked, is based on Shiga Akira’s well-known Japanese novel of the same name. The film tells the story of Na-mi (Chun Woo-hee) and Yim Si-wan (Jun-young).

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Locked: Who is the Si-Wan Yim company?

Fans speculate that glamor artist Shin Se Kyung is Si-Wan Yim’s girlfriend. They tag each other on Instagram but have not confirmed their relationship publicly.

Unlocked cast member Si-Wan Yim is rumored to be dating his co-star Shin-Se Kyung. Are they dating behind the scenes too?

Si-Wan Yim – I’m Not Afraid (Official Video) (Source: Instagram)

It’s heartwarming to hear that the 5ft 6in Korean star is also close to Shin-Sa Kyung behind the scenes.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the charming actor said Shin-Sa Kyung is his girlfriend in real life as well.

A perfect match on screen, Si-Wan and Shin Se also portrayed crazy lovers in the JTBC romantic drama “Run On.” Si-wan has known Shin-sa Kyung ever since.

He has built a special relationship with her for more than two years. Shin-se often clicked cozy photos of the two on Instagram in which they wore similar outfits.

Is Shin Se Kyung Si Wan Yim a girlfriend? A timeline of a relationship

Well, it’s not confirmed, but fans can’t help but ship the two Korean actors. Si-wan Yim’s supposed girlfriend, Shin Se Kyung, is a South Korean actress. She has 3.2 million followers on Instagram (sjkuksee).

Si-Wan Yim’s friend in Run On, Shin Se Kyung, was born on July 29, 1990. At the age of 8, she share on the cover of singer Seo Taiji’s album and worked as a child artist.

Si-Wan Yim company
Shin Se Kyung plays Si-Wan Yim’s girlfriend in Run On. (source: Instagram)

Nowadays, people recognize Shin Se Kyung for her role in Fashion King. Her other acting credits include Iron Man, The Girl Who Sees Smells and Six Flying Dragons.

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What is the net worth of Cast Si-Wan Yim?

Si-Wan Yim has a net worth of approximately $4 million. It looks like his fortune will increase in 2024 as it is Starring as psychopathic killer Joon-young In Unlocked opposite Chun Woo-hee (Na-Mi).

Si-Wan Yim made his small screen debut with a cameo role in Procureur Princess as Club Man. That same year, he had a cameo role in two episodes of the TV series Gloria.

Si-Wan Yim company
Si-wan Yam is an award-winning actor. (source: Instagram)

With energetic talent and dazzling acting skills, Si-Wan Yam won the hearts of critics and viewers. He signed back-to-back contracts for movies and TV shows.

Apart from acting, Si-wan Yam is also an amazing singer. He released several singles, including Tick Tock, But Still… So.., My Heart, I And You, and Fire. overpowering!

Si-Wan Yam awards and accolades

Si-wan Yim won awards for his role in Misaeng: Life Incomplete, The Advocaat, Emergency Declaration and Ruthless. He picked up the tvN10 Awards and the Mnet20 Choice Awards for starring in Moon Embracing the Sun.

Speaking of achievements, Yam is the PR ambassador for the 2023-24 World Table Tennis Team Championships in Busan. In 2015, Forbes listed Si-Wan Yim as the 35th Korean Power Celebrity.

The philanthropic South Korean actor gave ₩20 million to the Embassy of Ukraine based in South Korea on March 4, 2022.

To help Ukrainian victims, C-One booked a four-bed dorm room in Kyiv for a month.

Yam also specially donated ₩10 million to financially help the victims of the “Turkey-Syria Earthquake” in 2023, and gave money through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association on February 8, 2023.

Si-wan Yam Gil and family

34-year-old Si-Wan Yim was born to South Korean parents in Busan. He attended Busan Gudeok High School, Busan National University, and Oriental Broadcasting Arts University.

Currently, he is enrolled in Wosing Information College. The film’s star changed his first name to Si-Wan from Wong-Jae before his film debut.

Si-wan didn’t talk openly about his family and siblings. Nevertheless, we believe he grew up in an educated and beautiful background.

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