Live Hansen career, company and net worth

The game has grown to different places in the world and also to the different medium. Players tend to come from a different platform and make a significant mark.

But some of them still go to the old school. live Hansen Falls into the same category.

Chai is one of the talented Australian-Thai players who has been a part of the word of the game for less than a decade. There is more that has not been investigated about him. So stay with us to know in detail.

Hansen lived during the 100s

But first some quick facts as the need of the hour.

Chai Hansen: Quick facts

full nameA bottle of Romeroan
Date of birth1989/02/08
nicknameChai Hansen
Marital Statusonly
Place of birthThailand
ethnic origininvolved
age32 years old
height5’10 inches
Eye colorHeat
hair colorHeat
to buildathletic
Net worth$ 50,000
Online presenceInstagram, Twitter
Last update[current-month], 2021

Who is Hansen living?

A bottle of Romeroan He is an Australian-Thai actor who has gained fame from his work at revolving doors. At this point he is single.

Age and parents

Chai was born in February 8, 1989 In Thailand. Superut and Sandra They are the names of his parents. Apart from that, the actor also has a sister named Sarah With him he shares a pretty nice relationship.

Hansen is 31 years old at the moment. The handsome hunk holds Australian citizenship along with mixed ethnicity. His zodiac sign falls under Aquarius, suggesting that he is imaginative and honest at the same time.

Body dimensions: height and weight

Lives at its peak whether it’s his looks or game achievements. The daring actor stands at the height of 5’10“, But the weight is not known to the general media.

Chai falls under the list of celebrities who like to keep the information close to their chest. So due to this fact, there is almost nothing about the weight and vital statistics of the body.

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Hansen tends to sweat it out in the gym to keep his stomach six whole and also look seductive in front of the camera. To complete the physical outlook, brown eyes and hair of the same color play an important role.

Early days and education

Chai was born in Thailand but immediately moved to Australia. It was his mother who took Chai and Sarah to Australia. It is not clear what his childhood was like, but one thing is for sure he grew up with his mother.

Hansen shares a pretty close relationship with his mother and shares her picture on social media with the fan, while the same cannot be said about the father. One thing is for sure Chai has always wanted to be an actor and worked for it day and night.

In the case of an educational background, Hansen played with the quiet hand and was hardly a partner in the name of the institute; Still, one thing is for sure his education has been completed in Australia.


Chai has always been athletic and pretty good at sports as well. During his education days, he won a silver medal in the triple jump at the Australian National Championships for all schools 2006.

Not only does the player hold the record for a triple jump in Australia and Canada, from his sporting skill, but he has also changed his career with a U-turn and started playing.

There is no information on whether he is trained or not, but he is currently in high demand. With a lot of struggle early on, the debut came in a year 2012 With Dead Moon Circus.

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It was not a big budget venture, so he was not the big star together. What gained fame was the work in it The new legends of the monkey. Before that, he was a part of movies like Pavlomance, revolving doors, Mako, 100, And others.

Early in his career he was referred to as Chai Romwan, Romero is his father’s last name. But later he changed the name and decided to go with the maiden name of his mother ‘Hansen’.

The 100 was the first film he addressed as Chai Hansen.

Hansen was part of a handful of films and also of even lesser series that gained him limited fame. Shadowhunters, we were tomorrow They are part of the works of the series that have received mixed reviews.

Many fans also wanted him to play the role of Tempest in the Aquaman universe.

With the look and also the height owned by the player, we feel he did modeling and brand support at first, but the information about it is under cover.

It is a known fact that Chai was part of various advertisements and clips, but the exact information about him is unfortunately unknown. Chai seems to like to keep information as close to his chest as possible.

Chai will surely get more from the movies, and readers know it in the same space.

Who is Chai Hansen’s company?

One of the most talked about issues related to Chai’s life is relationships. This is not a new case where fans and the media doubt sexuality when someone is silent.

Chai Hansen Company
Hai Hansen is single

A similar case is Hansen’s case, which has been the subject of much research. Lives, at this point, single and does not focus on the matter of love. Per year 2016, The actor is attached to it Ivy Latimer, Who is also an actress.

This is due to the chemistry and delightful scenes the couple shared in front of the camera. Hansen later came out clean and said they were just good friends.

With all the rumors and controversy surrounding the actor, one thing is for sure he is neither married nor engaged up to this point in time. We feel that one day some diva will come and hold him.

The net worth of Chai Hansen: income and salary

Chai Hansen is a beginner in the field of gaming who has always received mixed reviews for the skills they have. For the works performed in the films, Hansen owns the net worth of $ 50,000.

It’s all about play, approvals. Shoots and what not. In his free time, Chai loves to travel and also to spend time with his mother. His social media is full of its image sometimes.

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Besides the Australian actor also sometimes loves animals. With the information on net worth, annual income and fairly hidden assets. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that it has a glorious lifestyle.

Hunger for the Internet

Chai Hansen may not be the big name in the game world, but social media tells different stories. There are pretty good followers on social media, and readers can be a part of that too.

Instagram299 thousand Followers

Twitter31.9 thousand Followers

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