Lili Banned from Royal Jewelry Collection as Meghan Markle’s Defiant Actions Contrast with Charlotte’s Access

Lily Bund was noticeably absent from the royal jewelry collection, thanks to Meghan’s provocative actions. On the other hand, Charlotte had full access to it. Meghan had expressed her desire to wear a tiara during the trip to Australia, especially in Fiji. However, it had already been decided that Meghan would not have the same access to the Queen’s jewels as Catherine. Generally, tiaras are not worn in Commonwealth countries.

The Queen previously let William know that Meghan would not have access to his jewelery unless the Queen authorizes it, as was the case with the wedding tiara. Megan did not receive the tiara she wanted but rather the one offered by the queen.

It seems that Harry was also informed of this decision, and it is likely that Meghan is also aware of it. Consequently, Meghan opted to wear Muhammad bin Salman diamond earrings, often referred to as ‘blood diamonds’ due to her controversial background.

This choice seemed to be an act of revenge. Megan wore these earrings, especially on occasions like the estate dinner that required tiaras, to draw attention to herself and tarnish the reputation of the royal family. She did this to distract Catherine and William and to settle accounts for not having had access to the tiara and royal jewels she desired. Such behavior fits classic sociopathic narcissistic traits, similar to Meghan Markle’s actions.

As well as being banned from the Queen’s jewelry collection, Meghan was also banned from touching Lady Diana’s jewelry. The pieces she wore were proven to be replicas of Diana’s, with side-by-side photo comparisons revealing significant differences.

Even Meghan’s daughter, Lily Bund, is expected to meet the same fate. Princess Diana has two granddaughters, Princess Charlotte and Lily Bund Mountbatten-Windsor. However, according to royal experts, it’s likely only one of them will inherit Princess Diana’s iconic jewelry collection. Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William, second on the throne, will be able to choose among the jewels of the palace when she comes of age. In fact, two items have been identified as potentially suitable for Princess Charlotte’s heirloom.

One of them is the Spencer Tiara, the tiara worn by Lady Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles in 1981. Discussions are said to be underway to secure this inheritance for Charlotte. Even though the Earl Spencer has daughters himself, he and William agreed that the iconic piece would go to William and Catherine’s first granddaughter. Charlotte is said to have known about the tiara when she discovered her grandmother Diana, and she can’t wait to try it on one day.

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