LAPD Records Expose Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Secret Plot to Discredit Queen for Private Security

Secret LAPD documents showed Megan and Harry’s role in coordinating the publication of false narratives intended to denigrate Queen Elizabeth in regards to their personal safety. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle expressed concerns about photographers hovering over their sprawling California home in the latest episode of their Netflix documentary series. However, they failed to mention how they themselves leaked their fate to the tabloid media.

An exclusive Freedom of Information request was submitted to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) by Daily Beast reporter Tom Sykes. Sykes sought information about incidents involving drones flying up to 20 feet above the couple’s property to take photos of them and their son Archie. An insider revealed the Sussexes faced significant press intrusion while staying at a temporary residence owned by Tyler Perry.

In response to this intrusion, Prince Harry and Meghan planned to hire their own security team at their own expense. The Netflix series captured Prince Harry expressing his concerns about drones flying overhead and disturbing their son Archie. Megan was also heard expressing her frustration with the situation.

It was later revealed that a spokesperson for Megan and Harry was behind the leaked story. These leaks began with Megan herself confirming her involvement in revealing the first details of her relationship with Harry, which was supposed to remain secret. Their team even provided Tom Sykes with the address of Tyler Perry’s property to validate their escape.

Although drone flights over a residence are legal under California’s anti-paparazzi laws, it’s clear the couple left out a crucial detail from their documentary series. It has been suggested that Prince Harry and Meghan employed publicists to publish stories in their chosen media outlets, a move that compromised their credibility by not revealing their own involvement.

The freedom of information document reinforced that their attempt to criticize Queen Elizabeth for cutting taxpayer-funded security services had been thwarted. Their hope of capitalizing on their royal status has been denied, and they now rely primarily on their truth-telling efforts to make money. Reports have indicated their desire to apply their Sussex Royal brand to hotels on the Sussex Islands.

They apparently thought that with the Queen passing away, they could pressure Prince Charles into granting them the coveted deal. However, it appears they are seeking High High status in the United States and aim to secure taxpayer-funded security and official status, potentially attending formal US state dinners and traveling with the Vice-President. president, similar to heads of state, to get more money. and ego status.

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