Lady Jane Exposes Meghan Markle’s Grave Behavior, Charles Bans Her from Althorp

According to information from the Daily Mail, Prince Harry maintains a close relationship with his mother’s family, particularly the Spencers, with Lady Jane Fellowes, Diana’s sister, playing an important role. Lady Jane, who is four years older than Diana, is seen as a confidante and a source of stability in Harry’s life.

She was invited by Harry to give a reading at his wedding to Meghan Markle in 2018 and was among the first members of the family to meet their son, Archie, even before Prince William. She also attended Archie’s christening at Windsor Castle in July 2019.

This close connection to his mother’s family was evident when Harry expressed his gratitude to Lady Jane, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, in the acknowledgments of his memoir.

However, rumors have been circulating regarding an incident involving Lady Jane and Meghan at Diana’s grave. Harry recounted the emotional visit in his memoir, describing how he introduced Megan to his mother’s final resting place on an island in Althorp Ornamental Pond, the ancestral home of the Spencer family.

It was a poignant moment for Harry, as it was Megan’s first encounter with Diana’s resting place. However, it appears that discreet cameras were installed around Diana’s grave to monitor activity when Charles Spencer could not be present regularly.

According to the story, Megan was caught in a compromising position by these cameras, prompting her to quickly come up with an excuse to avoid being embarrassed when Harry turned around. Harry described seeing Megan kneeling with her palms against a rock and inquiring about her actions. Megan said she prayed for clarity.

Following this incident, Charles Spencer would have permanently banned Megan from visiting Diana’s grave and the photographs on the site would have been deleted. Diana’s burial site remains closely guarded.

Prince Harry’s memoir delves into his growing sense of shame, believing that Megan had exploited his mother’s death and her emotional pain from the early stages of their relationship. It is important to note that these claims are based on rumors and their accuracy cannot be confirmed. If this is indeed true, Megan’s peculiar behavior during the visit to Diana’s grave may have contributed to her banishment from Althorp.

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