Lady C Provides Evidence of Meghan Markle’s Disdain Towards Fijian Brown Woman in the Market, Igniting Local Outrage

There’s no doubt that Megan Markle’s global reputation has fallen on hard times, leading people to speculate about which countries might have lost interest in her. Megan’s activities have caused a change in attitude in any country that respects Queen Elizabeth. It looks like a hopeful union in 2018 when Queen Elizabeth and the royal family gave Megan a warm hug. Duncan Lam, a royal analyst, highlighted the Queen’s remarkable efforts to make her grandson’s wife feel accepted rather than alone.

The Queen’s support for Megan and Harry’s marriage was a significant step forward in modernizing the royal family, allowing a divorcee to marry within the establishment, a privilege denied to her sister, Princess Margaret. Notably, Megan’s African-American heritage did not influence the Queen’s decision to approve their marriage, and this should not be seen as a reason for the Sussexes’ drastic departure.

Around 18 million Britons attended the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, a gesture of national support. However, Megan has been criticized for using the discrimination card to gain attention and generate revenue, which seems hypocritical considering her past disrespectful comments towards the Commonwealth community.

In a recent video, Lady C revealed Megan’s discriminatory attitude during a visit to Fiji, where she showed disrespect towards a Fijian woman at the market. This behavior has raised questions about Megan’s treatment of people she considers beneath her, as she has shown contempt towards those she considers less important.

Lady C also noted that Megan’s self-identification as a person of mixed heritage is inconsistent, as she had previously identified as white until it became practical for her to adopt another identity. While some have attempted to connect Megan’s behavior to influences from her family, such as her father Thomas Markle and mother Doria, who may have reinforced different aspects of her identity, Megan’s behavior towards people from diverse backgrounds has raised questions about its authenticity.

Additionally, Megan’s painting of the Ukrainian flag with an upside-down orientation and use of the color red for the word “peace” during times of conflict demonstrate an apparent lack of awareness of international norms and diplomacy .

In summary, Megan’s actions led to strained relationships and questions about her authenticity, making her a polarizing figure in various countries, including those with deep respect for Queen Elizabeth.

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