King Charles Takes Action, Ousts Meghan and Eugenie

As you may recall, there was a lot of sit-down drama at the coronation. At first there were claims that Harry refused to answer until he knew exactly where he would be sitting. Then it was claimed he would sit several rows behind the senior Royals to prevent any direct shots from William and Harry together.

In the end, however, Harry found himself sitting in the third row directly in front of Princess Anne, who wore the world’s largest red feathered hat that completely blocked Harry’s face from the cameras view. Royal expert Roya Knicker has reported that a source said the position of the plumage caused a lot of hilarity in the family, as they joked about where the plume ended and what it ended by obscuring.

Despite the Sussexes’ adventures outside the traditional royal realms in Netflix and the memoirs, as well as Harry’s recent court appearance, there is unlikely to be any severe punishment. Demotions and seat plans for occasional state occasions have been mentioned.

Miss Knicker said the King may have kicked her son out of Frogmore Cottage and relegated him to Westminster Abbey’s third row for his coronation, behind Princess Anne’s feathered hat. This detail reportedly sparked a lot of hilarity in the family regarding where the plume ended up and what it obscured.

Meanwhile, royal expert Daniela Elsa said Prince Harry’s abrasive appearance in the High Court in London could not have damaged his reputation in the UK more, given the coldness of his relationship with his family.

Writing for Australia, she said that while Harry decided against launching the unnecessary political salvo, relations between the 38-year-old and his family are about as warm and fuzzy as those between Korea North and South Korea. She expressed relief that neither side had succeeded in obtaining thermonuclear devices, although she did not tell Camilla, whom she described as resourceful.

Additionally, a psychic and astrologer named Bal Honigman predicts that King Charles will encounter some challenges during his reign. Honigman explained that astrologically Charles will face a tricky time as his ruler Pluto is not stable. Pluto influences generations and spends around 20 years in each sign, affecting significant world changes such as a change in monarch.

Honigman noted that even before Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the signs involved were Cancer, representing families, and Leo, representing dominion.

That’s why the drama was about families and power. However, Pluto will now transition between two signs – Capricorn, meaning business, and Aquarius, meaning charity – for the majority of King Charles III’s first two years. It could indicate drama and unrest.

Honigman further predicted changes for one of the king’s nieces and one of his daughters-in-law. He explained that the king has more fire signs in his full horoscope than water, air or earth signs.

This suggests that his way of removing someone from his life is not to drive them away, but to deliberately turn the friendship or relationship into an uncomfortable battleground.

Other fire signs, like Leo (like Megan) and Aries (like Princess Eugenie), risk being placed outside the circle of trust. Princess Eugenie has shown her support for Harry and Megan as they continue their verbal war against the family.

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