King Charles Supports Princess Beatrice’s Interest in Assuming Kate’s Duties

A departure from the usual royal attire of elegant coat dresses and dark hues, Princess Beatrice stunned onlookers in a surprise appearance in Switzerland this week. The 35-year-old graced Geneva for the A for Good summit, opting for an ensemble perfectly suited to the summer weather.

Dressed in head-to-toe linen, Béatrice exuded elegance and sophistication, accenting her look with classic Chanel slingbacks. Her sartorial choice not only fit the seasonal vibe, but also demonstrated her keen fashion sense.

Despite June approaching, there was still a hint of chill in the air, making Beatrice’s decision to wear a long-sleeved linen jacket and mini skirt practical. Chanel slingbacks added a touch of refinement to her ensemble, signaling that she was ready to participate in the event’s discussions on harnessing AI for positive impact.

While chatting seriously in Geneva, Béatrice did not fail to have fun. Last weekend she joined her cousin Zara Tindall and TV presenter Natalie Pinkham for a spirited trip to Monaco. There, she shared affectionate moments with her cousin, providing a rare glimpse of intimacy among the usually reserved royal family.

Beatrice’s affinity for linen was even more evident during her visit to Monaco, where she donned a lightweight white linen dress paired with a casual denim jacket. This casual yet elegant choice showcased her versatility in fashion, proving that she can effortlessly transition from business attire to casual chic.

The denim jacket seems to be a recurring favorite in Beatrice’s wardrobe, as she wore it again during a recent visit to a London primary school, this time layered with a belted floral midi dress.

Lately, Beatrice has stepped up to support her uncle King Charles and cousin Prince William during a difficult time as Charles and Kate undergo cancer treatment. Last week she attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace, offering to help alongside her sister Princess Eugenie.

Unlike members of the royal family, Beatrice and Eugenie receive neither public funding nor security for their activities. Nonetheless, they are actively carrying out their royal duties, with Eugenie recently celebrating her son Ernest’s first birthday.

Eugenie took to Instagram to mark the occasion, sharing adorable family snaps and expressing her love for her two sons. The princess and her husband Jack Brooksbank welcomed Ernest in June 2023, announcing his arrival with heartfelt messages and photos.

Although Ernest does not have a royal title, he occupies an important place in the line of succession, following his older brother August. Thanks to Beatrice and Eugenie’s continued dedication to their royal roles and their growing family, they remain integral members of the next generation of royals.


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