King Charles Strips Meghan Markle’s Titles After Divorce, Excludes Her from Prince Harry’s $10M Inheritance

Chances are Megan will ask Marcus to find her another billionaire after her divorce from Harry. The state of Prince Harry’s marriage has been a hot topic at Buckingham Palace, with even Prince Charles making significant statements about stripping Megan of her title to facilitate Harry’s divorce.

The Daily Beast broke its silence on the matter, emphasizing the importance of a successful marriage. Prince Charles reportedly said the marriage had to work, not as a way to imply that Harry had to accept the consequences of his choices.

Apparently, William and Kate had reservations about the wedding from the start because they feared Megan might not be the right fit for Harry. Harry, it seems, latched onto her because she was the first person he had met who indulged in his moody, bitter personality.

Little did he know she wasn’t a reincarnation of her mother, but rather a cheap actress looking for a payday. Recently, Prince Harry reportedly consulted with divorce lawyers, signaling his intention to end the marriage. He is filing for divorce in the UK, where he expects a more favorable outcome.

In the event of a divorce, Megan may attempt to lay claim to the family’s assets and funds, which could involve the Crown for its own preservation. According to the divorce lawyer, Harry doesn’t own much except for his inheritances. This is an obstacle for Megan because she will not be entitled to it; it’s in Harry’s own account.

Harry and William have received an annual investment profit of £450,000 from Princess Diana’s estate since they were 21, on which they pay tax to the UK government. They also received a substantial inheritance from their late mother, estimated at around $10 million each, accessible on their 30th birthday. Megan can only access this inheritance if Harry breaks the trust and mixes up the funds.

This could explain the desire to establish Megan as a solo success. If it works, he could potentially get rid of her, though he’s not sure if that will succeed. Harry has the option of ending the relationship regardless, but Megan seems to prefer her next opportunity lined up before jumping ship.

News has emerged that Britain’s King Charles will be welcoming his son Prince Harry to his royal duties, with reports of peace talks between them. Royal expert Richard Palmer said the king was keen to bridge the family divide, but noted it remained a sensitive issue.

Although Harry attended King Charles’ coronation in May and traveled to the UK to deliver a statement for a confidentiality matter in June, they did not meet in person. The latest claims come amid reports that King Charles has agreed to hold peace talks with his son Prince Harry, which are expected to take place next month, with Meghan Markle not expected to be part of the reconciliation talks.

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