King Charles Extends Olive Branch to Prince Harry Amid Rumors of Discord with Meghan Markle

King Charles showed his fatherly concern for his ex-son Prince Harry by reaching out to him amid reports of alleged conflicts with Meghan Markle.

The monarch offered support for his youngest son, whom he shared with the late Princess Diana, in light of claims that Meghan may be distancing herself from Harry, as reported by In Touch Weekly.

According to a source, Charles understands how intense media attention can strain a relationship and sympathizes with what his son might be experiencing during these difficult times.

According to the report, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is determined to make a significant return to Hollywood, even if it puts a strain on her marriage to Harry. The insider revealed she was focused on rebranding herself as an influential global celebrity, with her team prioritizing her individual projects over joint efforts with Harry.

During this time, Harry found support from his father. The source pointed out that Charles never wavered in his love for Harry and his desire for the best for him, despite their differences.

The source then highlighted Charles’ personal experience with immense public pressure on a marriage, citing how it affected his relationship with Diana and jeopardized his bond with Camilla.

Therefore, Charles deeply sympathizes with his son’s current situation, and their new communication could mean a real improvement in their relationship.

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