Kim Kardashian looks stunning in silver outfit at Christmas Eve party

Kim Kardashian Looks Gorgeous in the Silver Band at Christmas Party

Kim Kardashian kicked off her glitzy search for the Christmas Eve party on her Instagram Story

Kim Kardashian dropped jaws as she divulged her search for glitter for the Kardashian-Jenner Christmas Eve party on Saturday.

The Kardashian star, 42, donned her amazing silver sequined New Year’s Eve clothes. She posted a background video to the Instagram story, in which she was seen doing her captivating search for the night.

Kim also showed off her recently colored brown hair after recently shading her honey blonde locks. The unscripted TV star has shared her selfie video with 337 million followers, giving them a closer look at her shimmering, wraparound outfit.

Showing off her hourglass, the SKIMS pioneer expressed, “We’re back!” towards the beginning of the main clasp. She also made the gesture of blowing a kiss towards the camera finally.

Also tagged in the clasp was superstar beautician Chris Appleton, who styled Kim’s wavy locks for the nightly festivities.

Kim made sure her pretty dress would grab all the attention as she skipped gemstones and other ruffles.


The model also shared a short TikTok video next to her eldest baby girl, North West. In the video, Kim and her nine-year-old daughter lip-synced the moving sound, “It’s the right time,” which then leads into Mariah Carey’s exemplary hit, “Everything I need for Christmas is you.”


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