Kim Kardashian Accused of Damaging Marilyn’s Dress She Wore at the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian accused of damaging Marilyn’s dress she wore to the Met Gala

Marilyn Monroe’s historic dress that Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala last May has suffered “significant” and “permanent” damage, according to an expert and collector of the actress’s objects.

Scott Forner, who claims to have the largest private collection of Monroe files and personal items, shared photos on his website and on social media comparing the condition of the dress “before and after” that Kardashian has put on to attend the exclusive event. held annually in New York.

His verdict is that the piece has “permanent” damage, with multiple tears to the back, missing glasses and others hanging by a thread. “Was it worth it?” Forner asks in his article the owner of the iconic dress, owned by the American franchise Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, who is currently displaying it in one of its headquarters in Los Angeles.

The company loaned the dress to Kardashian to wear when she arrived at the Met Gala, where she was one of the celebrities who drew the most attention for her outfit. And it is that the dress is practically the history of the United States and of pop culture, since it is the one that Monroe wore when she sang “happy birthday” to American President John F. Kennedy in 1962, a few months before the actress’ death. In order to put on her outfit, Kardashian had to follow a diet with which she says she lost about 16 pounds (over 7 kilos) in three weeks.

Kim Kardashian accused of damaging Marilyn's dress she wore to the Met Gala

The 41-year-old celeb barely wore the dress for a few minutes when she arrived at the gala, then changed it for a replica to protect the original. However, according to Forner, this did not prevent the part from sustaining “significant” damage despite repeated guarantees given by the owners. The International Council of Museums had already stressed that this type of “historical garment should not be worn by anyone”, because even if it is private property, it must be considered as a heritage to be preserved “for generations future”.

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