Kim Cattrall Children and Husband: Relationship with Russell Thomas

Fans are curious to know who the Kim Cattrall Kids are. Did the TV actress welcome small children?

Kim Cattrall is an English-Canadian actress who wowed audiences with her amazing role in the HBO original Sex and the City. The 66-year-old spent decades in television and film.

The wealthy Canadian actress has appeared in Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, The Model and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

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Who are Kim Cattrall’s children?

It’s rare to find out about Kim Cattrall’s children,” because she hasn’t been blessed as a mother yet. She has decided not to have children.

The actress spoke about it while filming the iconic Netflix series Sex and the City.

In 2020, Cattrall wondered if it was the right time expand her family and get pregnant.

In one of her interviews she mentioned her decision not to have children.

Kim Cattrall refers to her fur baby as her child. (source: Instagram)

Kim Cattrall says, “I could do it physically if I was, at the time, it was 1998. My partner and I had to be available to have sex at a certain time.

There was a way I could do it in an emotional, healthy or even physical state or do 19-hour days.” The bold Canadian-British star also did not adopt any children.

The glamorous Canadian actress owns a Havanese brown dog, “Tequila”, whom she calls her child.

In real life, the HIMYF cast is one of four children to her parents. She has three siblings Chris Cattrall, Kisa Cattrall and Cheri Koss.

Husband Kim Cattrall – Married Life Investigated

Kim Cattrall, 1.7 m tall, went through a turbulent phase in her life. She married and divorced three times from different men.

Her first marriage was to voice actor Larry Davis of California in 1977. The couple separated in 1979, citing personal issues. Cattrall cites bad sex as the reason for the breakdown of two marriages.

In 1982, the Sex and the City alum moved on with Andre J. Layson, an architect. Kim was married to Andre J for seven years.

Unfortunately, the couple separated in 1989. At that time she was living in Frankfurt and spoke fluent German.

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Kim Cattrall Relationship Timeline with Russell Thomas

The How I Met Your Father star is currently in a cohabiting relationship with a younger man.

Kim Cattrall met Russell Thomas at the BBC while working at the network; They liked each other.

Russell Thomas, 52, chose to date Kim Cattrall when he decided to travel to Vancouver to meet her. After that, Cattrall said, her relationship with Mr. Thomas was easy.

Kim Cattrall Children
Kim Cattrall celebrates Valentine’s Day with Russell Thomas. (source: Instagram)

Thomas has been dating Kim Cattrall for six years. There is an age gap of 14 years between the two.

Russell Thomas is not a public figure. So there is less information available about it. Kim uploads photos of her partner to Instagram but does not tag him.

Kim Cattrall Love

Similarly, Kim was romantically linked to Jonathan Silverman in the early 1980s. However, Cattrall’s affair with Silverman did not come into the limelight. The lovebirds have no children to date.

Following her divorce from Davis, the blonde haired beauty also had a long dating history. She dated former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau for a year in 1981.

How much is Kim Cattrall net worth?

Kim Cattrall is making big chunks of a successful acting career. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has a net worth of $40 million.

Famous for her deep and seductive voice, Cattrell attracted millions by signing film deals and contracts with Universal Studios.

The fortune of millions of dollars is big enough for Kim Cattrall and her partner to enjoy a comfortable life.

Kim Cattrall Children
Kim Cattrall is one of the richest Canadian actresses. (source: Instagram)

Cattrall earns millions of dollars from lucrative brand endorsements, ads and sponsorships. She drives a luxury blue Audi worth $39,900.

The cast of Emily in Paris is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Cattrall has 277.5K followers on Twitter and 1 million on Instagram.

Kim Cattrall Movies and TV Shows

The daughter of Gladys Shane and structural engineer Dennis Cattrall, Kim moved to New York at the age of sixteen to pursue acting. After that, she took acting lessons at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Cattrall, the intriguing man, made her big screen debut in the action thriller Rosebud in 1975. Her acting credits include Bonfire, City Limits and more.

Kim Cattrall stunned critics after gaining worldwide recognition and earning five Emmy nominations, four Golden Globe nominations and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress as Samantha Jones in Sex And The City.

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