Keanu Reeves goes viral when he answers in an interview what he thinks happens to us after he dies

Keanu Reeves goes viral when he responds in an interview to what he thinks is happening to us after his death

After being the ‘Sad Keanu’ for a decade, the actor becomes an impromptu guru with this brilliant answer to the quintessential big question.

Some black legends that roam Hollywood are very unfair to the stars they refer to. Among the most obvious, the one that assures that Keanu Reeves is a very sad man. All because of mythical photographs taken ten years ago in which the actor looked very thoughtful as he ate a sandwich while sitting on a bench.

These images of a world famous man eating alone in a park were so bizarre that they quickly resulted in the ‘sad keanu’ meme. One of those virals that could undermine the morale of anyone knowing it’s become a global joke.

Luckily, Reeves, whatever they say he knows how to take life with a sense of humor and whenever they ask him to, he explains that he is the first to laugh when he sees this photo. What he doesn’t mean is that he doesn’t want the meme to fall into oblivion once and for all and turn the page, that a decade being the laughing stock of the world will end up tiring anyone. that is.

But who knows, maybe that moment has finally arrived after his appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where he went to promote his new film, John Wick 3, and incidentally to anticipate a little on the new film of Bill and Ted, sequel to a hit comedy he starred in almost 25 years ago.

And he was talking about the plot of this new opus, in which according to Keanu the protagonists must compose a song to prevent the entire planet from dying, when he offered a response that went viral as soon as it was broadcast. ** Specifically, to the question the presenter asked him about what he thinks happens after death. **

At first, Reeves thinks for a few seconds, which makes everyone think he may be embarking on a philosophical matrix roll to explain the meaning of life. But no, quite the contrary. “All I know is that when you die you will be sadly missed by all who loved you.”

How has no one ever found this great answer to the great question par excellence?

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