Katy Perry is embarrassed by playback

The California singer claimed she was playing the flute at one of her gigs, and when she was caught throwing a tantrum and apologizing.

If there’s anything Katy Perry has, it’s a powerful and harmonious voice, she’s also been seen playing the guitar and even dancing.

However, it became clear that the wife of Rusell Brand is not good at other instruments, since during a concert in Manchester, England, she pretended that she played the flute.

Shame washed over her as the audience began to laugh and she had no choice but to accept that she had cheated.

“Okay, I can’t play the flute,” the singer said before throwing a tantrum.

The “Firework” singer meets her “California Dreams” tour, and surely in her next concerts she won’t dare to claim that she can play the flute.

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