Katie Holmes opens up about her divorce from Tom Cruise

The actress has given an interview in which she breaks her silence on her separation from the protagonist of ‘Top Gun’

Her relationship with Tom Cruise has placed Katie Holmes in the center of media attention. The actor couple tied the knot in November 2006 in a massive wedding held in Italy, a bond that became the event of the year. A little over five years later, in the summer of 2012, they announced their separation. Fruit of their marriage was born Suri Cruise, who is already 14 years old.

Today, eight years after her divorce, the protagonist of the Dawson Grows series, who does not usually talk about her private life, gave an interview to the American magazine InStyle in which she breaks her silence and confesses how much her breakup with the protagonist was from Top Gun.

The 41-year-old performer graced the cover of the popular publication’s April issue. “As a public person, I have always received a lot of attention, at different periods of my life”, spoke Katie Holmes on her relationship with her celebrity, even admitting to having prevented her from leaving her house on several occasions . She looks like she’s already done. “You can feel engrossed in what people are saying, but all of a sudden you decide to do things your way. can’t believe it!” actress, who is in one of her best moments.

Regarding the separation of the father from her daughter, the actress of Batman Begins confessed that it was the reason why she moved to New York. A decision which she has, over time, seen as successful, since she admits that she loves the city of skyscrapers.

“It was an intense period, of constant surveillance. I had a lot of attention and on top of that I had a little girl to take care of,” she explained. The interpreter told in the aforementioned magazine some of the measures she had to take to free her daughter from media pressure: she went with little Suri to the park “at six in the morning” so that neither photographers nor onlookers do not see them.

“Despite the bad times, we also had a fun time. A lot of strangers became my friends and helped me and my daughter a lot. That’s what I love about this city,” added l ex-wife of Tom Cruise. Katie Holmes made the statement months after breaking off her low-key relationship with actor Jamie Foxx, whom she had been dating since 2013.

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