Katie Holmes is ‘Blissfully Happy’ Without Tom Cruise

‘She’s a new woman’: Katie Holmes is ‘happy’ after splitting from husband Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes is said to be “happy” since her split from Tom Cruise.

According to a family insider, Holmes – who was pictured again today in New York with her daughter Suri – is happier than she has been since meeting the 50-year-old movie giant year.

Claiming to have spoken to the friend, who told them: ‘She can now see her family more, feels free to focus on her career and no longer lives in fear of Scientology.

“Katie is a new woman, she feels refreshed, free from Tom and has no worries in the world,” an insider told the website.

“Before she was worried if she was ever single, now she is happy to be on her own. Katie is enjoying her independence and working on herself right now.

The source went on to say that Katie enjoys spending more time with her family, “something she couldn’t really do when she was married to Tom.”

The friend claimed that Tom controlled who she saw and often didn’t approve of his family.

“Tom also influenced the films she appeared in, so she wasn’t able to lead her career the way she wanted,” the family friend added.

“Now she has full control over what she wants to do and that freedom is exciting for her.”

Apparently Scientology was also a “huge fear” for Katie, who was raised a devout Catholic and she “never fully committed to it”, the friend continued.

The insider said: “It was a relief for her to finally be rid of Tom, but she was filled with guilt for the way she did it.

“When she first met Tom, he drove her crazy and she was head over heels in love with him. But soon his controlling nature took all the fun out of their relationship.

Holmes, 33, filed for divorce from Cruise on June 29 after five years of marriage. They signed a top-secret divorce agreement a few weeks later, giving him full custody of Suri.

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