Kate Middleton Takes Aim at Meghan Markle, Ignoring Questions about Racist Scandal

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle found themselves in the spotlight once again as they walked the red carpet at the Royal Variety show on Thursday evening. As they got out of their car, a barrage of questions from reporters erupted, mostly related to Omid Scobie’s new book, “Endgame.” Notably, the Dutch translation of the book was reportedly temporarily removed from store shelves due to the alleged revelation of family members involved in a conversation containing a controversial comment about the skin color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s child before his birth.

Amid the clamor, reporters shouted questions such as: “Your Royal Highness, do you have any comments on Omid Scobie’s book?” and “Did you watch Piers Morgan’s show last night, Your Royal Highnesses?” Prince William and Princess Kate, however, chose not to answer or acknowledge these questions. Instead, they moved closer, holding hands briefly, and continued gracefully down the red carpet.

The royal couple exuded glitz and relaxation, mingling with the show’s stars, including Sher McFly, Paloma Faith and Darren Brown. Kate dazzled in a stunning green sequin dress by Alexander McQueen, while William opted for a classic black tuxedo.

The contrast between Kate and Meghan couldn’t have been more obvious. Kate embraced her role and responsibilities, shining on stage and charming the crowd. In contrast, Meghan chose to stay out of the public eye and faced criticism from all sides. While Kate garnered praise and admiration, Meghan faced scorn and criticism.

It seems that on the red carpet and in people’s hearts, Kate Middleton has taken precedence over Meghan Markle. The royal couple also showed their support and appreciation for artists, enjoying a variety of acts ranging from comedy to magic to music. They shared laughter at host Bradley Walsh’s playful teasing about their family lives and Netflix habits and wholeheartedly applauded the talented performers looking to impress the royal audience.

Scobie’s book, a sequel to the earlier tell-all “Finding Freedom,” alleges that two members of the royal family, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, made racist remarks about Archie’s skin color before he was born. The book also claims that the Queen failed to protect Harry and Meghan from media scrutiny and palace staff who were allegedly hostile and unsupportive of their relationship. These claims sparked a significant backlash from the public and the royal family, with denials and rejections of the book as a work of fiction.

However, William and Kate chose not to give an answer to the questions, demonstrating their focus on their duties, their charities and their united and happy partnership. They expressed a sense of indifference to the surrounding drama, emphasizing their commitment to their role without shame or reservation.

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