Kanye West publicly sends a clear message to Kim Kardashian: “I want us to go back”

Kanye West publicly sends Kim Kardashian a clear message: ‘I want us to go back’

The rapper didn’t bite his tongue and now that his ex seems to be rebuilding his life, he’s got it right.

The soap opera Kim Kardashian and Kanye West began with their divorce earlier this year, 10 months later, continues to draw a line. Together they starred in a millionaires’ disagreement over the rivers of ink that were written. Both financially and sentimentally. First, he was related to Irina Shayk, a romance that doesn’t seem to have gone too far; while now she has been seen going out to dinner with Pete Davidson several times – yes, Ariana Grande and Phoebe Dynevor’s ex. A possible milestone in love which clashes greatly with the last statements of the rapper, who asked the Kardashians for a new marital opportunity.

Those words came out of his mouth during a recent interview – recorded last month – with the Revolt TV outlet, where he explained how he feels during this media divorce process which has dispelled some doubts:

Kanye claims he didn’t see the divorce papers

Also, after sending a clear message to the Kardashians, he attacked the show “Saturday Night Live”, where the businesswoman made a funny presentation a few weeks ago … evoking, of course, her divorce from West. The rapper blamed the TV space for betraying him:

Excuse me? Does this mean that the businesswoman and the singer are still more than official husband and wife? As we learned at the time, Kardashian had signed the papers last February, so the process should have already moved forward, at least, to the point where he would have signed them too. But it seems not.

West ended the interview by accusing the media and the Kardashian management team of the separation from her: “The media doesn’t want us to fix our things.” What has he not commented on, since at the time of the interview it had not yet happened, is it romance that his, his ex-wife? He’s having an “affair” with Davidson that probably would have pissed off the Grammy winner even more.

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