Jan Batu-Lanz Wikipedia: Who is Elizabeth Lanz’s husband? Family and net worth

People search for Jan Batu-Lanz Wikipedia, who is known for his relationship with Elisabeth Lanz. Austrian actress Lanz is known for her iconic role as Dr. Susanne Martens in the long-running TV series Vet Dr. Martens.

From Elisabeth Lanz’s husband, Jan Bato-Lanz, to her daughter Maria Lanz, everything related to her personal and professional life is discussed in this article!

We will also have some insights about her lucrative career as an actress, theater and TV shows and net worth as of 2023.

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Jan Batu-Lanz Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia Who is Elizabeth Lantz’s husband?

Elisabeth Lanz’s husband, Jan Batto-Lanz, is a successful management consultant based in Munich, Germany.

During their almost five years of marriage, Elizabeth never talked about her love life until 2011, mainly because her husband Jan was shy and did not like media attention.

In addition, Jan Bato-Lanz, now 61 years old, revealedto Bild.dein 2011 that he was born in Turkey and thought his ethnicity might provoke negative feedback from her fans.

When asked why the step then? Jan Bato-Lenz, with a wink, replied: “After all, I’ve been officially German for a month…” Yes, Jan received his German citizenship in 2011.

Elizabeth told BILD: “The fact that I’m in the public eye through my work doesn’t mean my husband has to do the same automatically if he doesn’t want to.”

Elisabeth Lanz with her husband Jan Batto-Lanz (source: On whom)

She also added that the couple decided to keep their private lives out of the public eye at the beginning of their relationship.

She ended her statements with “I know Ian is quite shy and doesn’t fit the classic beauty ideal, but he does fit my ideal of a perfect husband. And I love him the way he is – period!”

Meet the Elizabeth Lantz family

Lantz grew up in the SOS Children’s Village in Altmünster, where her father was the director, and attended a high school for music and education.

Although the details of her parents are still not revealed, it is known that her sister Barbara Lantz is also an actress.

She graduated from high school in Gmunden in 1990, went to Paris for a few months, and then to London to perfect her language skills.

First she studied linguistics, communication sciences, philosophy, and then law and theater studies in Vienna.

As a stage actress, she played at the Theater in der Josefstadt, the Volkstheater and the Burgtheater, before moving in front of the camera.

In the 1993 film I Wow, which won the Vienna Film Award in 1994, she was seen in an equine role for the first time in a film role.

Elizabeth Lantz
Elizabeth Lantz in Dr. Martens | The actress is very private about her family (source: IMDb)

As mentioned above, she married her Turkish husband, Jan Bato-Lenz, in 2006, and they were blessed with a daughter, Maria (born in 2006).

Elisabeth Lanz has lived with her family just outside of Munich, in a small town in Lower Bavaria, since 2010.

Before the game, Elizabeth was completely devoted to track and field until her injury caused two of her ligaments to tear. Three times she was the Austrian youth champion in athletics.

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Elizabeth Lantz net worth

According to Celebrity Age Wiki, the leading cast of Vet Dr. Marten, Elizabeth Lantz, boasts a staggering net worth of between $1 million and $5 million as of 2023.

She had the first significant role in the series in the movie “All My Daughters” as the nurse Ofra. In the ZDF TV series “Velvet and Silk”, she played the daughter of entrepreneur Cornelia Althofer.

Harforth, Lantz and Richter starred in “The Vet Dr. Martens” IMDb)

From February 2012, she took on the lead role of Susan Winter in the eighth season of the ARD Telenovela “Rote Rosen” alongside Falk-Willy Wild for 200 episodes.

The film won the 2005 Garden State Film Festival Jury Award in the category of Best Film – Foreign Language.

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