Is Percy Haynes White Gay? His family, his family and his net worth

Many fans wonder if Percy Haynes White is gay. He has been widely admired for his role in the critically acclaimed Netflix show on Wednesday.

Canadian actor Percy Haynes White is best known for his role in films such as Edge of Winter & A Christmas Horror Story. He also gained fame for his character in the TV series Between.

Percy had his first break as Andy Strucker, a mutant in the X-Men TV pilot The Gifted. Also, in 2022, he played the character of Xavier Thorpe in the series Wednesday.

Xavier is a creative student at Nevermore Academy with supernatural abilities. He falls in love with Wednesday as soon as she arrives at school.

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Is Percy Haynes White Gay?

Percy Haynes White is not gay, as he has never mentioned. The actor has never talked about his sexuality or his relationship in the media.

Also, his Instagram account doesn’t hint at it either. In the Netflix series, his character Javier immediately falls in love with Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega.

Among the mysterious murders, there is a love triangle between Xavier, Wednesday and Tyler. Percy and Jenna are good friends behind the screen too.

Hines White Awards with his stars on Wednesday (source: Instagram)

They are reuniting as an on-screen couple for the upcoming romantic drama “Winter Spring, Summer or Fall”. The story will follow two teenagers (Ortega and Haynes White) who meet and fall in love during four significant days of the year

Furthermore, Ortega will also work as an executive producer for the drama.

Does Percy Haynes White have a perja (partner)?

Percy Hines White lacks a perja (partner). According to online reports, the actor is single as of this writing.

Percy has never talked about his romantic relationships in the media. He never mentions the details of his personal life during his interviews.

Although people love the chemistry between Percy and Jenna on Wednesday, they are just friends in real life.

Meanwhile, the actor has never made headlines for his alleged affairs with any of his friends. He also managed to keep his past relationship history out of the public eye.

White is tight-lipped about what he wants to share about his personal life with his fans. He also limited his Instagram post to projects he was working on or his family.

Within the Percy Haynes White family

Percy Haynes White belongs to a family from the entertainment industry. His father, Joel Thomas Haynes, is a writer, actor and director.

Meanwhile, his mother, Sherry White, is a writer and actress. Since both his parents are from the world of cinema, heReceivedInsight into the industry from a young age.

Percy Haynes White is a Canadian actor
Percy Haynes White is a Canadian actor (source: Instagram)

His father worked on hit shows like Orphan Black. Also, his mother Sherry has worked in movies like The Big Movie Star.

The actor was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. He attended drama school there. Percy started his acting career in various Canadian shows and movies.

Percy Haynes White net worth as of 2023

Canadian actor White’s net worth is unknown at this time. Based on his extensive Canadian acting career and appearances on Wednesday and other hit shows, we believe Percy has a good salary and net worth.

Over the years he has worked on many films and TV shows. Moreover, he also had many lead roles, which brought people’s attention to him.

Percy is also active inInstagramWith 5 million followers at the time of writing.

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