Is KC Concepcion pregnant? Update on baby, husband and illness

Filipina actress KC Concepcion, 37, recently made headlines with her pregnancy news. Her fans wanted to know about her pregnancy news. Is KC Concepcion pregnant? Let’s explore.

Maria Cristina Cassandra Conte Concepcion, also known as KC Concepcion, is a well-known singer, dancer and actress from the Philippines. She became famous after starring in the beloved 2009 movie Lovers in Paris.

The actress is multi-talented and among the most influential and successful female characters in the country. Concepcion also worked as a television host. She is an entrepreneur, a socialite, and is also involved in the humanitarian field.

Film fans have always praised her for adding a unique acting style to portray certain emotions in her projects.

Furthermore, Concepcion is the first ambassador of her country to represent hunger in the United Nations World Food Program. She was also appointed as the Philippines ambassador to WWF for Nature.

The multi-talented Concepcion rose to fame singing in the opening production of the 2011 SEA Games held in Indonesia. She was there in the opening production along with Jacqueline Victor and Agnes Moe.

The artist has also landed several lead roles in Philippine films, including When I Met U and For The First Time. Her lead roles in TV series include Lovers of Paris, Ikao Lemang and Wag Ka Lang from Wawala.

The famous female personality helped offer a new perspective in the Filipino community, allowing more women to find recognition and representation.

Several internet sources claim that actress and socialite KC Concepcion’s net worth is $7 million as of this writing.

Now coming back to the actress’s pregnancy news – KC Concepcion has faced embarrassing comments on various social media platforms. The actress bravely responded to her comments and said that she is not pregnant.

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Is KC Concepcion pregnant?

Paris Lovers actress KC Concepcion recently faced pregnancy rumors and other body comments. No, the famous Filipino actress is not pregnant, as she clarified herself.

KC Concepcion is not pregnant. (Source: Mania Aloun)

Moreover, her real pregnancy news has not been confirmed. So, the news of Concepcion’s pregnancy is a hoax.

WWF for nature ambassador Concepcion said she is not pregnant. Although many fans were by her side, some netizens noticed changes in her body, and some even passed embarrassing comments.

The actress bravely clarified her view and slammed her haters for passing negative comments. Also, Concepcion stated that she is not pregnant.

She crossed 4 million followersInstagramhandle. Concepcion is active on the platform with more than 7597 posts as of this writing.

The actress shares information about her lifestyle and related pictures on her IG account.

KC Concepcion is originally known as Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion.

Moreover, her professional life is an open book, and an inevitable part of KC Concepcion’s personal life is shared on her social media platforms. She enjoys being in public.

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Know more about KC Concepcion disease

Unfortunately, the beautiful Filipina actress KC Concepcion was diagnosed with PCOS.

Concepcion confirmed her diagnosis to the public, saying:

I have always wanted to stay physically fit. I mean I want to be at my best. Then, I found out I had PCOS.

Doctors say PCOS is a common hormonal condition for women. Women of childbearing age may suffer from PCOS and will not ovulate.

Women with PCOS have irregular periods, excessive hair growth, infertility and weight gain.

In an online interview with Tim Yap Live!, the actress revealed her PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).

Meet KC Concepcion’s baby and husband

The beautiful Filipina actress KC Concepcion has been in many relationships in the past. But, her marital status is single, as she has not married any of her ex-boyfriends.

KC Concepcion disease
KC Concepcion revealed her PCOS. (Source: Pep)

Also, Concepcion has given birth to no children, and there is no news about her known children.

Concepcion dated Alexander Borromeo in 2017. But, their relationship ended after a year in 2018.

Furthermore, the actress was in a relationship with Paolo Avelino. She dated Avelino for a year, and they broke up in 2015.

In addition, Concepcion was romantically involved with Pierre-Emmanuel Plasart in 2012. She called off her relationship with Placert in 2013.

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