Is It a Kamikaze Mission

Renowned royal commentator Dan Wootton has expressed concern over Prince Harry’s tumultuous past and the growing nature of his missteps. Wootton says Prince Harry seems to have gone into a self-destructive mode since the start of the year.

In Wootton’s view, Prince Harry not only distanced himself from almost all of his blood relatives, but also severed ties with most of his close friends from his pre-Meghan days.

Therefore, it seems that his wife, Meghan Markle, is now the only person who can potentially pull him out of this downward spiral.

However, despite some misguided joint statements such as one regarding the ‘almost catastrophic’ car chase incident in New York that turned out to be misjudged, the Duchess of Sussex has largely opted out of engagements and public affairs. from her husband.

As a result, the missteps of Prince Harry’s kamikaze mission escalate and spiral out of control, further eroding what little credibility the Sussexes had managed to retain. The situation worries experts, who worry about the potential consequences of this self-destructive trajectory.

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