Is DNA Testing Needed? Allegations of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Fake Kids Stir Controversy

Are DNA tests needed for Megan and Harry’s alleged children discovered by the late queen? » We explored a source revealing a new book about a royal scandal involving Megan’s pregnancy and surrogacy rumors.

The late Queen discovered the truth, leading to complications for Megan and Harry and ultimately their departure from the United Kingdom. We also discussed questions about the alleged children’s DNA, the potential financial gain from DNA testing, and whether Megan and Harry would ever bring their children to Britain for testing.

The very first comment comes from MTM from 1964, which mentions that normal people usually take their children out for milkshakes, without hiding them. It’s a shame that the titles seem to mean more than the well-being of the children. Princess Catherine was seen shopping with her children, while Archie, who is now four, was not spotted.

Elizabeth Mclin expresses doubts about the existence of these children and speculates about the financial gain that Megan and Harry could achieve. Brienne agrees, pointing out that DNA testing should be done for those claiming royal titles. Paula suggests that Megan might have a line of kid-related merchandise if they were real, and wonders who would buy such merchandise.

Barb suggests that this situation is fraudulent, to say the least. Chil Bird speculates that the royal family was more concerned about the Queen’s health than revealing the truth about the children. Helen highlights the Queen’s access to high-quality intelligence, suggesting she was aware of Megan and Harry’s actions.

Trev highlights the need for DNA testing to provide clarity. Kim agrees with Trev, while Veronica suggests that Meghan and Netflix are trying to harm the British royal family. Teresa and Josie agree, saying the public needs to be informed. Donna believes that the tests should be carried out in neutral countries like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

Alex emphasizes the importance of medical signatures attesting to the authenticity of births. Andy goes further, suggesting that Megan and Harry should be jailed for treason. Sassy Cat expresses the belief that the royal family made an error in judgment and that time will help the public move on from the situation.

Sue Gray believes the royal family was unaware of the deception for a long time, focusing on more critical matters and the Queen’s health. She suggests it is time for the royal family to apologize to the public and revoke the titles.

Janet believes DNA testing is necessary. Matilda refers to a theory about behind-the-scenes manipulation. Kim mentions a quote from Theodore Roosevelt regarding the challenges of managing one’s children.

Barbara thinks Megan should apologize to the royal family and revoke her titles. Helen reflects on the Queen’s intelligence and her ability to handle the situation. Frederick insists there are no Harkle children. Nora calls the situation a fraud.

Sunny speculates about the Queen’s intelligence and knowledge of Megan and Harry’s actions. Trev suggests that DNA testing is essential for clarity.

Kmen and Brienne share their agreement with Trev. Paula thinks about Megan’s business potential and why people would buy such products.

Barb points out the fraudulent nature of the situation. Donna highlights the need for transparency and DNA testing. Rusty shares his thoughts on how the royal family handled the situation.

Helen agrees with Rusty, suggesting that Megan is being manipulated behind the scenes. Janet questions the royal family’s reaction to the situation.

Helen highlights the royal family’s need for honesty in the situation.

Mimi suggests there are no children, which makes DNA testing useless.


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