Infertility Allegations and Faked Pregnancy Claims Ignited by Prince Harry’s Encounter with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle’s alleged infertility and claim that she used a ‘moon shot’ caused quite a stir, especially after Prince Harry shook hands with King Charles, leading some to question Meghan’s pregnancy issue.

Speculation swirls around Meghan’s constant use of what some call a “moon shot” instead of actually being pregnant. Prince Harry, once close to the royal family, has faced criticism since his marriage to Meghan, and this recent meeting with King Charles could make him reconsider his hasty decisions.

In an old video clip, journalists and cameramen focused on Meghan during a visit to Morocco in February 2019. In the clip, it is mentioned that a cameraman noticed something unusual in the pregnant belly of Meghan as she entered a royal residence. It appeared that Meghan, who was believed to be eight months pregnant, was running and hopping, raising doubts about the authenticity of her pregnancy.

Some observers suggest the ‘moonshot’ may have moved on and that Meghan never exhibited the discomfort or physical changes typically associated with pregnancy. In an awkward moment when a reporter asked him about Meghan’s pregnancy, Prince Harry replied with an inappropriate joke: “Is it mine?” This response alludes to a strained relationship at the time.

Another clip from their departure to Morocco showed Meghan and Harry parting ways with Crown Prince Moulay Hassan. Meghan first walked past them both and looked upset. She then turned around and addressed Crown Prince Moulay Hassan before getting into the car, prompting a photographer to remark: “She’s mean.” Some videos of these incidents have been replaced with music, but the underlying tensions are evident.

Meghan claimed to be around 30 weeks pregnant during her trip to Morocco, and most airlines allow pregnant women to fly for up to 37 weeks. Meghan previously announced she was due to give birth in late April or early May. This visit to Morocco was a significant royal event, as it was the first and last time Queen Elizabeth II would visit the country in 1980 as part of a two-week tour of Italy and North Africa.

While some believe Meghan and Harry’s relationship with the Royal Family has deteriorated beyond repair, others suggest there could still be a chance for reconciliation if the couple change their approach and attitude. Prince Emmanuel Filiberto of Savoy expressed his sympathy for Harry, especially during his father’s coronation where he had to attend alone. This Italian prince has shared his views on the Sussexes’ current feud with the royal family, highlighting the challenges and tensions that have arisen since their departure from official royal duties.

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