Ignored in Bid for Venice Film Festival Invitation

Meghan Markle made an appearance at Variety’s Power of Women gala in Los Angeles, where she posed for the cameras in a beige dress. It’s worth noting that she didn’t like wearing this color to royal events, but that seems to have changed now. She opted for an off-the-shoulder dress and paired it with 7-inch heels, completing the look with a slicked back bun.

Body language expert Judy James observed Meghan’s poses and noted that they had more of a Hollywood vibe compared to the typical postures of royal family members. Judy commented: “Those are Hollywood poses, not royal.” Despite her aversion to beige, Meghan seemed quite comfortable in this dress, flashing knowing smiles and effortlessly flaunting the seemingly simple sheath dress, which elevated her powerhouse celebrity status.

Meghan greeted the cameras with a smile as she arrived at the event, striking a pose until her assistant gently guided her down the red carpet. The fact that Meghan needed help moving forward indicates how much she loved being the center of attention, according to Judy James. She also pointed out that Meghan’s apparent enjoyment of the celebrity spotlight was evident in her well-crafted poses, including sideways glances over one shoulder, statuesque poses with a raised chin expressing confidence, and an elegant waistline.

In a Netflix documentary series, Meghan revealed that during her time in the UK, she rarely wore colorful outfits to avoid inadvertently matching members of the royal family. She mentioned that there was an unwritten rule against wearing the same color as the Queen or other senior family members at group events. Therefore, she opted for muted tones like camel, beige and white to blend in and not attract attention. Meghan stressed that she was determined to fit in with the family and not embarrass them.

However, his behavior during the event in Venice was quite different. She posed like she was the star of the show, even though she wasn’t one of the winners. Meghan’s thirst for attention was evident as she spent more time on the red carpet, thanked the press for their compliments and moved around with security and aides. It all seemed rather strange and, to some, a bit cringe-worthy, considering she wasn’t the main attraction at the Venice Film Festival premiere. Meghan may have been confident, but her style and approach couldn’t hold a candle to Zena and Laura Roach in the fashion world.


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