How much plastic surgery did Meghan Markle have?

How much cosmetic surgery has Meghan Markle undergone?

If she displays a beauty that seems 100% natural, it seems that Meghan Markle has (also) resorted to the scalpel to improve her physique …

Meghan Markle is sublime: a brown mane, a tanned complexion, a luscious mouth and a little trumpet nose which gives her a crazy charm! Yes but here it is, the latter would not be natural … According to many cosmetic surgeons, the Duchess of Sussex would have had recourse to cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of her nose which she found “too wide”. And indeed, when we compare photos of Prince Harry’s wife before, and now, it is clear that her nose is no longer the same …

For doctor Thierry Ktorza, there is no doubt: “She certainly underwent rhinoplasty, there is no doubt”, he declared in the press: “It is difficult to know if it is a complete rhinoplasty or only the tip of the nose “. According to him, when she was a teenager “the tip of her nose was rounder and more globular”, underlined the specialist, before recalling that this operation was common in the middle of the showbizz: “It is an operation commonly practiced in the cinema or on television. personalities “.

How much cosmetic surgery has Meghan Markle undergone?

Meghan Markle’s nose, one of the most requested operations!

New York-based cosmetic surgeon Dr. Stephen T Greenberg just said in the columns of E! News that Meghan Markle’s nose was one of the most requested and that many clients have walked through her office door to have the same: “Today the actress is one of the most cited celebrities among customers who want to look like their favorite star “! Same story on the side of his colleague David Cangello: “Many people evoke proportions similar to those of Meghan Markle when consulted on their ideal nose”.

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