How He Rejected Meghan Markle in ITV Show with Mike Tindall

In a fascinating revelation, British soccer star Ashley opens up about her past encounters, including her rejection of Meghan, on an ITV show alongside Mike Tindall. Mike Tindall, known for his recent success in ‘I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here’, is now embarking on a new ITV series.

Tindall’s next project, ITV’s ‘Grand Slammers’, features England’s World Cup winners taking on the challenges of life behind bars. What’s intriguing about this show is the allusion to special appearances by other football stars. One name that has piqued the curiosity of Royal fans is Ashley Cole, who makes an appearance in the series premiere.

Ashley Cole’s connection to Meghan Markle is known to some extent; they went on a few dates in the past, though it didn’t result in a lasting relationship. Still, Royal enthusiasts expect Cole to share more details of their encounters on the TV show. This would no doubt add an interesting dimension to the rumors surrounding the Duchess’ past.

Lizzy Cundy, an English radio personality, previously tried to connect Meghan with Ashley Cole in 2013. Meghan, at the time, expressed her fondness for London and her desire to have an English boyfriend. Cundy attempted to play matchmaker, but was unsuccessful, as Ashley Cole did not share the same enthusiasm. Interestingly, unlike Prince Harry, Cole apparently didn’t want to pursue a relationship with Meghan after their first date.

Ashley Cole, known as one of the finest left-backs of his generation, had a stellar career playing for Premier League clubs Chelsea and Arsenal before moving into coaching and sports commentary.

The first episode of the series will feature Mike Tindall alongside other sports legends including captain Mark Johnson, Johnny Wilkinson, Lawrence Dallaglio, Phil Vickery, Jason Robinson, Will Greenwood, Ben Cohen and Matt Dawson. These luminaries, who have played a central role in the history of English sport, meet two decades after their historic triumph in Sydney against Australia.

In this thrilling two-part series airing during the New Year’s Rugby World Cup, these sporting heroes will enter HMP The Mount prison, home to one of the last remaining rugby pitches within an English men’s prison adults. Their mission is to form a team of inmates capable of taking on the fearsome Australian inmates.

ITV describes the series as providing a startling insight into the transformative power of sport to change lives. England legends will share their personal stories with inmates, highlighting how sport gave them purpose and direction during crucial phases of their lives. The series promises to capture the camaraderie, intensity, emotion and laughs that come with being part of a team focused on a common goal: beating the Australians.

The latest installment in this riveting series will see the legends and the inmates they coached re-enact the historic World Cup final from 20 years ago, this time taking on a team of expat Australian players.

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