Henry Danger Girlfriend In Real Life: Is Jace Norman Dating Bianca?

Fans have endlessly debated and speculated about Jace Norman’s romantic abuse during his time on the Nickelodeon series, making his dating life a hot topic.

So who is Henry Danger’s girlfriend in real life? Is Jace Norman dating someone we already know from the show? Find out all about the young actor’s romantic involvement here!

In 2012, Norman embarked on his acting journey by gracing the screens of the Disney television series Jesse.

From 2014 to 2020, he took the helm as a prominent character in the beloved Nickelodeon sitcom, Henry Danger.

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Henry Danger Girlfriend In Real Life: Is Jace Norman Dating Bianca?

No, Jace Norman is not in a romantic relationship with Maeve Tomletty, the actress who played Bianca, one of his character’s early love interests in Henry Danger.

Additionally, despite persistent rumors, Jace and his co-star Riley Downs have consistently denied any romantic involvement, stressing their unwavering friendship.

In a short-lived romance, Jace briefly dated Isabella Merced, another familiar face from Nickelodeon, before the pair announced their split in November of that year.

Jace made it clear that he values ​​his privacy and doesn’t let others dictate what he shares on social media, thus keeping his personal life private.

Speculation ran rampant among fans in 2017 when Jayce and Sydney Park engaged in playful comments over a photo, leaving their potential romance shrouded in uncertainty.

Henry Danger Girlfriend In Real Life: Is Jace Norman Dating Bianca? (source: danger)

Walking the orange carpet together at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Jace and Shelby Simmons sparked speculation about their relationship.

However, none of them publicly addressed the matter, and all traces of the evidence have since been deleted.

While Jace rarely discusses his dating life, he has shown a keen interest in creating his shows and working behind the camera, indicating a shift in his career aspirations.

Who is Maeve Tumalty?

Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Maeve Tumalty graced the shores of California, USA, where she blossomed into the talent we know today.

With a flare for the theater, Tumletti took to the stage in Alabama and Canada, captivating audiences and catching the discerning eye of a shrewd agent.

Attracted by her unquestionable potential, the agent beckoned Tumletti’s parents to move their lives to the vast landscapes of the US, where she eagerly signed a contract with the prestigious television station Nickelodeon.

By a stroke of fate, the age of 14 became the launching point for Tumletti’s meteoric rise as the captivating Bianca, entwined in the whirlwind of romance with the famous Henry in the beloved TV series ‘Henry Danger’.

Henry Danger Company
Maeve Tomalty: Henry Danger’s girlfriend on the show as Bianca (source: IMDb)

Immersed in the art of her role, Tomletty bravely forsook conventional studies for six great weeks, devoting herself entirely to the captivating world of ‘Henry Danger’.

Her journey is full of family connections, including her esteemed older brother, Connor Tumalty, and her stunning sister, Morgan Faye Tumalty, who shared the spotlight with her in the unforgettable Henry Danger episode titled ‘Secret Cattle.’

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Henry’s company is in danger in the show

Chloe and Henry started out as a couple on the show but became friends over time.

After Chloe leaves for a reality show, Henry develops a crush on Bianca, and becomes a significant love interest.

Jace Norman and Kerry Ciccino’s characters found romance while trapped in a broken smart car.

Henry and Babe Carneau had a spark of love during a visit on Valentine’s Day, and being trapped in a car intensified their bond.

Henry Danger
Henry Danger had multiple affairs on the show (source: people)

Later in the story, Henry and Charlotte share a deep friendship and support each other, with a shared dislike of pickles.

Furthermore, Henry and Charlotte shared a kiss in the episode, sparking speculation about their romantic relationship.

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