Harry talks about getting ‘paranoid’ as Eton pals mistrust persist

Prince Harry recently changed his well-known statement from his book ‘Spare’ after uncovering a misunderstanding surrounding the issue.

The Duke of Sussex, who previously believed a friend leaked the story of his Eton head shaving incident to the media, has revealed he has now learned something new about the incident.

Speaking outside the High Court in London on Tuesday, Prince Harry shared his views, saying: “During my time as a student I could never have understood how history reached the public, so I naturally assumed that a friend was responsible for the leak.”

However, he added: ‘Now, after many years, it looks like my assumption may not have been accurate. Prince Harry then expressed his disappointment, saying: “Unfortunately many of those friends who became suspicious at the time are no longer in my circle.”

He further explained, “As these situations occur repeatedly over time, one becomes more cautious about sharing personal information with others…I find myself becoming more and more suspicious of people. people around me.”

The revelations coincide with Prince Harry’s legal action against a publication that allegedly tapped phones and hired private investigators to dig into his private life for their own profit motives.

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