Harry and Meghan slipping further and further to the bottom

Reports have it that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle suffer significant setbacks whenever they voice their opinions. Duncan Larcombe, a renowned royal pundit and commentator, made the claims and leaked the details during an interview with Fox News Digital.

Larcombe began by noting that it’s hard to imagine the couple staying out of the spotlight, but he believes they have the opportunity to establish a life in America where they can focus on their philanthropic endeavors.

He highlighted the potential for them to engage in worthwhile causes and raise awareness of important issues without further straining their relationship with Harry’s family. Larcombe said: “It’s definitely a possibility.”

However, he also acknowledged that the financial success of their ventures, such as documentaries, will determine how lucrative their business will be.

Simultaneously, Larcombe proposed that the best way for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to support themselves is to stop the criticism that has seemingly become their trademark.

He even went so far as to urge people to refrain from making negative comments, as he believed it seriously damaged their reputation in Britain.

Larcombe expressed uncertainty about the couple’s popularity in America, but pointed out that each time they make public statements, their standing among the public seems to crumble further.

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