Guy Madison: Movies, Woman and Net worth

Imagine an actor in the 50s with a spectacular look and a perfect body. Well, that sounds like something out of the ordinary. Such was the magic and skills of a guy Madison.

Guy gained fame from his work b The Adventures of the Wild Bill Hickok. Other than that, unfortunately, the man died in the late 90s, but there is another in it that has not yet been investigated. Stay with us to know everything.

Guy Madison

Let’s start it systematically first using quick facts

Guy Madison: Quick facts

full nameRobert Ozel Moseley
Date of birth1922/01/19
nicknameGuy Madison
Marital StatusMarried
Place of birthCalifornia, USA
ethnic originwhite
age74 (in death)
height6 feet
Eye colorHeat
hair colorHeat
to buildthin
Net worth$ 1.4 million
Last update[current-month], 2021

Who is Guy Madison?

Robert Ozel Moseley He is an American film, television and radio actor who has gained fame from Slave of Rome, Bullwhip and many more. Before death, this actor must have enjoyed love.

Age and parents

Guy Madison was born in January 19, 1922 In California, USA. His parents ‘names are not known to the general media, but surprisingly, the siblings’ names are visible.

Madison had four brothers, viz Wayne, Harold, Uncle, And rosemary. He’s pretty close to everyone.

Born in January, his zodiac sign falls under Capricorn, suggesting that he is intelligent and creative. People close to him will not agree.

Body dimensions: height and weight

Guy is not present in the world at this time. Although this is the hard truth, this actor has a charming character and also a complex body figure.

The high height of 6 feet Decorated with a fit body.

Madison, in that game era, was considered the most handsome. Surprisingly vital body statistics are not available for anyone to see.

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But Guy always cared about the look and most of the time went into the gym. In case the size of the shoe and dress increases; It will be a pleasure.

To complete a good look, brown eyes and hair of the same color play a vital role.

Early days and education

Guy was born in California, where he spent his early childhood with family and siblings. The lack of proper information about parents makes it difficult to know the exact childhood.

But the brothers around him provided comfort most of the time. Other than that, acting is the man’s choice from the beginning.

However, in the case of an educational background, Madison plays the quiet card.

Some sources claim that the actor has been a part of Bakersfield College for some time. No matter what it may be looking back, his career is rolling out perfectly.


During Madison’s debut, it was quite mandatory to serve the U.S. Navy, and people were eager to do so.

Madison, before he was a famous actor he worked for the telephone company together with the Navy.

In 1942 the visible actor was part of the US Navy, which was indeed part of World War II.

This raised the fact that the state, along with its interest, comes hand in hand with the valley.

When he left the country behind because of passion, Madison’s career found its destiny. His film debut came in a year 1944 With Ever since you went with her.

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This relationship has been going on and on for almost five decades for the actor. Some of his great works include Smoky Canyon, Red Snow, The Command, The Hard Man, Women Of Devil’s Island, Old Shatterhand, Gentleman of the Night.

Height Guy Madison
Guy Madison stands on 6 feet

In his last game periods, the talented man has done jobs like Where’s Willie ?, Hughes Mystery, Crossbow: The Movie, Etc. Similar to the work of the film, this talented man is also seen in the series.

His debut came with The Adventures of the Wild Bill Hickok And continued to Peak, General Electric Theater, Fantasy Island, Crosbo, Red River, and many more.

Not only was being a part of the game his strong suit, but inevitably prizes came to his lap as well.

B 1954 Guy won the Golden Globe Award, and 30 years later, the individual also won the Golden Shoe Award. This shows the fact that Guy must have been an extraordinary work of art.

Who’s Guy Madison’s wife?

Guy Madison must be living a glorious life in front of the camera. His personal life was also quite entertaining without a doubt. This industrious actor has married more than once for sure.

His first wife was Gail Russell. The two love birds met during work and started dating. The relationship between them was very jealous, and they went through the aisle 1949.

It was a pretty close event with family and friends invited to it. Things went pretty well as they went sideways. The two decided to separate 1954.

With the presence of magic in Madison, love came to him that month. Madison got married Sheila Connolly That year.

Their relationship was long and helped by children.

Both spouses have three daughters who make things look like they are forever. Sadie in 1960, sad news came, and they broke up 1963.

Things do not stop here if we talk about love for Guy.

After all the heartbreak, the visible man came out with Family Scale. For the unaware readers, Gia is both a model and an actress.

The audience loved their relationship, but things did not get married.


Death is never good news, and it brings sadness to the people around you. In the beautiful morning of February 6, 1996, Madison has left the world.

The daring individual left the world in the California desert hospital with emphysema. At the time of their death, he was 74 years old.

Net worth: income and salary

This is not a new fact that Guy Madison made a lot of money as an actor. His contribution to the film industry has been enormous. As of 1996, the player sits at the value of $ 1.4 million.

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All this is the result of decades of contribution to the field of gaming. His life has always been full of fun, and he loved to travel the world with his close friends.

Although proper information on net worth out there, annual income and assets owned are still under shell.

Hunger for the Internet

With Guy dominating the game world with precise timing and acting skills, there is no presence on social media even on the horizon. So an undeniable fact is that Madison does not hold social media.

Common questions

What happened to actor Guy Madison?

Guy Madison died in 1969. The cause of death was reported as swollen.

What did Guy Madison do in the Navy?

Madison joined the U.S. Army in 1942, at the initial stage of his career in the Army he was given the role of lifeguard at the North Island base in Coronado. The reason behind this was that he was an excellent swimmer. Later the Army was given the role of a telephone line.

What TV shows has Guy Madison been on?

Guy Madison has made plenty of films during his acting career, but seems to have less interest in TV shows. During his career, he starred in only one TV show called “The Adventures of the Wild Bill Hickok.”

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