Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez Relationship Timeline: Age Gap and Net Worth

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez are two talented young artists with bright futures ahead of them in the Philippine entertainment industry. 

Gil Cuarba is a Spanish-Filipino actor and international model who first rose to fame as Matteo Domingo in the Philippine adaptation of the South Korean romance-comedy-sci-fi series My Love from the Star.

Gill’s career in the entertainment industry began as a model, where he became known for his good looks and charisma. Besides acting, Gil also started a music career, releasing his debut single, “Goyo”, in 2018.

He won the hearts of many with his good looks, charm and talent, and continues to inspire and entertain audiences in the Philippines and around the world.

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Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez relationship timeline

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez first met on the GMA show Friends of Taste when Lexi was a guest on the episode. While Gil was instantly attracted to Lexie, she initially thought he was “spaldo” or aloof during their first visit.

However, she realized he was great when she was a guest on the show for the second time, and after that, they couldn’t forget each other.

After the second guest, Lexi sent a first message to Gil, even though she felt shy. Gil found out that Lexi made the moves on him, and they started getting to know each other.

During the pandemic, they watched movies online and got to know each other better, with their TV shows sometimes lasting seven hours.

Gill confirmed that he was flirting with Lexi in the November 2021 episode of “Mars Pa More”. He admitted to courting her and said he fell more in love when he got to know her during the pandemic.

Gil Cuarva and Lexi Gonzalez officially confirmed their relationship (source: Instagram)

Lexi also praised Gil for being a gentleman who makes her feel important and cared for. In February 2023, they went on a Valentine’s Day date and food trip in Tagaytay.

They shared that making time for each other is their main challenge as Lexi is a busy and hardworking girl with a family to take care of. They hadn’t seen each other a week before that Valentine’s Day date.

Gil and Lexi have officially confirmed their relationship status. They expressed their feelings towards each other and get to know each other better.

Gil Cuarva company: Who is Lexi Gonzalez?

Gil Cuarba’s girlfriend Alexandra Dominique Houghton Gonzalez popularly known as Lexi Gonzalez is a talented Filipina actress, dancer, singer, model and host.

Lexi first gained public attention when she joined the reality show “StarStruck”, a popular talent search show in the Philippines. She also participated in “Running Man Philippines”, another reality show.

Lexi’s career began in 2016 when she signed with Star Magic, a well-known talent agency in the Philippines. She made her acting debut in the TV series “Langit Lopa” where she played the role of Maggie.

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez
Lexi Gonzalez is a talented actress and model (source: Instagram)

In 2018, she landed the lead role of Celine Serrano in the TV series Minors, which received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike.

Apart from acting, Lexi is also a talented singer and dancer. In 2020, she released her debut single, “Glow”, under GMA Music, receiving positive feedback from fans and critics.

Lexi is adored for her natural beauty and infectious energy, earning her a huge following on social media. She has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and often shares updates about her personal and professional life with her fans.

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez age gap and net worth

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez are both young and talented artists in the Philippine entertainment industry.

Cuerva was born on August 21, 1995, while Lexi Gonzalez was born on February 23, 2000. This makes Gil 5 years older than Lexi, which is not a significant age gap in the entertainment industry.

In terms of net worth, both Gil and Lexi are relatively new to the industry, but they have made significant contributions to Philippine entertainment.

Gil Cuerva has an estimated net worth of around $100,000, while Lexi Gonzalez’s net worth is around $50,000.These figures are estimates only and are subject to change depending on their current and future projects, approvals and other sources of income.

Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez
Gil Cuarba and Lexi Gonzalez (source: Instagram)

Despite their age gap, Gil and Lexi worked together in the Philippine drama series, “We Love You, Foreigner”, where they played the lead roles. The show aired in 2021 and received positive reviews from fans and critics.

The on-screen chemistry between Gil and Lexi was undeniable, leading to rumors of a possible romance in real life.

In the Philippine entertainment industry, age is only sometimes a significant factor in determining an artist’s success. Their talent, hard work and determination often lead to success.

Gil and Lexi have shown great potential and promise in their careers and continue to be recognized for their talent and contribution to the industry.

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