Fred Norris Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Salary, Net Worth The Howard Stern Show

Fred Norris is a well-known American impressionist, musician, comedian and radio host. Besides Howard Allan Stern, he is the longest-serving employee of The Howard Stern Show.

In the spring of 1979, he met Howard Stern as a college student working night shifts at WCCC. After Howard left, Fred continued to work at the radio station in Hartford, Connecticut.

Howard was able to use his ratings success at the Washington, D.C.-based WWDC that year as leverage to convince the station to hire Fred. In October 1981 he began working as a producer on Howard’s show. He has been with the show since he and Howard moved to New York in September 1982 to work at WNBC.

Fred Norris Age

Fred Norris was born in Willimantic, Connecticut, United States of America on July 9, 1955. He is 66 years old.

Height Fred Norris

Fred stands at an average height of 6 ft 2 in/1.88m tall.

Fred Norris Family

Fred was born to his father Henry Nukis and mother Valija Kronberg. His parents were also Latvian immigrants. Fred grew up in Manchester, Connecticut. When he was five years old, his natural father left him. Those early years were turbulent for him.

Henry had a drinking problem. Valia married his stepfather, Lewis Norris, when she was thirteen. Louis worked as a cabinet maker. Unlike Henry, he made Fred’s mother happy. Moreover, Lewis treated him with dignity. Around this time, Fred started playing the guitar. He also has a younger brother, Robert.

Husband Fred Norris

Fred is happily married to Alison Furman, a kind and loving wife. She was born in New York and is American. Allison currently works at Compass as a real estate agent.

He first met Allison on the Dial-A-Date segment of Stern’s radio show. They exchanged wedding vows as a couple in the year 1994. They are currently celebrating their 28th anniversary.

Fred Norris’ daughter

Fred is the happy father of a beautiful daughter named Tess Danielle. She was born in the United States on November 6, 2002. As a result, she looks forward to and celebrates her birthday on November 6 every year.

Fred Norris Education

Fred has a university degree. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Western Connecticut State University after graduating from high school.

Fred Norris Net Worth

Fred’s approximate net worth is $20,158,009

Career Fred Norris

He acted in several minor film and television roles. In 1997, Fred played a younger version of himself in the film Private Parts. In 1999, she appeared as a meter maid in the film Cruel Intentions. In 2013, Fred appeared in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as Leon, a department store owner.

He was a member of The Losers and was responsible for sound effects, bass, guitar and backup vocals. It was a band made up of members of the Howard Stern Show staff. The Losers debuted in 1997 when the show’s cast began playing using Green Day instruments.

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