Fatal Blow to Meghan Markle’s Fans! Prince Harry Escapes to Texas with New Blonde Lover Employed at BetterUp

Devastating news has arrived for Meghan Markle supporters, as Prince Harry made an unexpected move to Texas with his new blonde girlfriend, who happens to be a BetterUp employee. The Duke of Sussex had recently taken on the role of Chief Impact Officer within the company. However, worrying reports from a former employee on Glassdoor suggest that BetterUp may not be the ideal work environment.

According to the former worker, the company was described as psychologically unsafe, leaving employees feeling uncomfortable and fearful. The atmosphere would have discouraged speaking up or seeking help from HR, as HR staff would be closely aligned with management. Others who worked at the startup compared it unfavorably to other companies like Thoroughness and suggested that Netflix might uncover troubling practices within the company.

Employees also claimed that BetterUp’s inner circle was impenetrable due to management’s actions, which involved deception, manipulative games, surveillance and testing, creating a toxic underbelly.

Additionally, a former employee posted a review on BetterUp’s homepage, seriously alleging that Prince Harry had an affair with a beautiful blonde co-worker at the company. The complaint said Harry had frequent private meetings with this employee and that their relationship aroused suspicion, fueling rumors of problems in Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Company insiders also confirmed Harry’s intention to move to Texas as BetterUp prepared to set up its headquarters there. The move gives Prince Harry the opportunity to spend time away from Meghan Markle and be with his new love. The transition could also be influenced by the challenges facing businesses in San Francisco, where many are downsizing, facing difficulties and relocating due to the current economic climate.

On the official BetterUp website, an interesting observation was made. When you scroll to the bottom section of the site, where professional services companies typically list their physical headquarters addresses, an address in Austin, Texas, appears several times. The specific address was the fifth in the Hillary Building, which appeared to be a modern, high-tech facility significantly larger than BetterUp’s San Francisco location, suggesting ample space for expansion.

Additionally, searches indicated that the building associated with BetterUp’s San Francisco address, located at 1200 Folsom Street, was for sale or rental on LoopNet. This two-story building, measuring 23,000 square feet, had half its size, approximately 12,000 square feet, available for rental. The context of this real estate transaction was considered in light of the broader trend of companies relocating from California to Texas, driven by a more business-friendly environment in the Lone Star State.

The situation is also reminiscent of Harry’s initial association with BetterUp in March 2021. Around that time, fellow military man and Centauri advocate Dean Stott left the neighboring office, which raised eyebrows. This lines up with rumors that Harry was told he could no longer use BetterUp’s townhouse in San Francisco.

The broader context suggests that several California-based companies are following the trend to relocate to Austin and other parts of Texas due to the state’s more favorable business climate.

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