Fans Slam Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Drunken Photos Amidst Double Standard Allegations

Fans have slammed Prince William and Kate Middleton after photos of the couple appearing heavily drunk were released.

The photos were taken during their university studies at St. Andrews University in Scotland, before the couple got married and had children.

The photos, which showed the couple dancing and stumbling around in a car, quickly went viral and received over 4 million views. Some people on social media were quick to point the finger at the double standard, suggesting that if the same thing had happened to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the reaction would have been far more negative.

Fans slam drunk photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton amid allegations of double standard

Despite the criticism, some people have defended the couple, saying it’s normal for young people to party and let loose. However, others heavily trolled the couple and made inappropriate comments about their behavior.

Now Prince William and Kate Middleton face greater challenges as they navigate their roles as leading figures in the monarchy at a time of growing anti-royal sentiment.

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