Famous people who have adopted children and you did not know it

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn’t Know That

While often referred to as wasteful and callous, celebrities are also kindhearted and know they can improve the lives of others. As if that weren’t enough, from time to time they decide to do it by adopting children and creating a home for them. One of the most obvious examples is the marriage of Angelina Jolie (42 years old) and Brad Pitt (53 years old): between 2002 and 2007 they adopted 3 children and, despite the problems that have recently arisen in their relationship , they raise them together her three biological children. children. The incomparable Madonna (58), in addition to being the mother of Lourdes (20) and Rocco (16), also welcomed 4 children from Malawi. Finally, singer Lionel Richie (68) became the father of Nicole (35) when the girl was less than 3 years old and she was abandoned by her parents. Of course, these aren’t the only celebrities who have adopted children. Let us introduce you to a few more!

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

1. Meg Ryan (55)

It is well known that the romantic comedy star has a son, Jack (25), born from his marriage to actor Dennis Quaid (63). In 2006, despite her divorce, she decided to adopt a 14-month-old girl from China. Today the girl named Daisy True (13) is a teenager and fills her mother with happiness and pride. As Ryan admitted in one of her interviews, that she had barely seen the little girl for the first time, she knew they were connected. Isn’t that amazing?

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

2. Sandra Bullock (52)

Despite the fact that the winner of two Oscars has not always been lucky in love, today she apparently cannot feel more complete and happy. After divorcing her thief husband Jesse James (48) in 2010, she adopted a boy named Louis (7) and, after a few years, she was also the adoptive mother of a baby girl: Laila (5) . According to some American sources, accompanied by her beloved partner, photographer Bryan Randall (51), the actress plans to adopt a third child. Hope she is lucky!

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

3. Nicole Kidman (50) and Tom Cruise (54)

During their marriage, Tom and Nicole adopted Isabella Jane (24) and Connor (22). Raised away from the reach of the paparazzi, the young people have enjoyed relatively calm lives despite the fame of their guardians. Although after the divorce, both preferred to stay with the father, they can boast of having a great relationship with both ex-spouses. Note that the firstborns of Kidman and Cruise have three half-sisters: Suri (11 years old) from the father and actress Katie Holmes (38 years old), and Faith Margaret (8 years old) and Sunday Rose (6 years old) born from the birth of Nicole. love relationship. and Australian singer Keith Urban (49).

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

4. Hugh Jackman (48)

The interpreter of the role of Wolverine can boast of being one of the most beautiful and cohesive families in the business. When it turned out that he and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness (61) couldn’t have children, they immediately made the decision to adopt. Today, Oscar Maximilian (17) and Ava Eliot (11) grow up loved and happy, even if they don’t share the same attitude towards their father’s fame. As Hugh has acknowledged more than once, as his son denies his father’s popularity, his daughter seems compelled to work in front of the cameras despite her young age …

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

5. Charlize Theron (41)

A few months before the Oscars ceremony in 2012, the beautiful actress adopted her son Jackson (5), and shared the news a few months after the event. Although she initially stood up for the child’s privacy, she eventually allowed herself to photograph with him. What was even more surprising to many than her first adoption was that in 2015, the star also welcomed a daughter, August (2). As if that wasn’t enough, she did it just a month after breaking up with “the love of her life” actor Sean Penn (56). Even though Charlize is a single mom, the kids are doing more than well!

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

6. Pierre Sharon (59)

Apparently, Hollywood beauties don’t always need the support of their partners when they want to be adoptive mothers. Also during her marriage to journalist Phil Bronstein (6), Stone adopted her firstborn: Roan Joseph (17). Oddly enough, although the relationship between the two ended in 2004, the beautiful actress returned to bet on adoption on two more occasions. In 2005, she obtained the tutelage of Laird Vonne (12 years old) and, a year later, the duo became a trio thanks to her youngest son, Quinn Kelly (11 years old). It’s really hard to find a kid in Hollywood who is more cheerful and cheerful than them!

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

7. Michelle Pfeiffer (59)

When Michelle met TV producer and writer David E. Kelley (61) on a blind date her friends arranged in early 1993, she had no idea the man was going to change her life. for all time. In March, she finalized the adoption process for her daughter, Claudia Rose (24), and in November, she married her boyfriend. In August of the following year, the couple’s son John Henry (22) was born. Today, Pfeiffer and Kelley are one of the most compatible couples in the business and their love is reflected perfectly in their descendants.

Famous People Who Adopted Children And You Didn't Know That

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